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level 5 tefl course

Kickstart Your Teaching Career with Our Level 5 TEFL Course

Gain the knowledge and skills to excel as an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teacher 🌏

TEFL Course

168hr Level 5 TEFL

Gain an Ofqual-recognized qualification and excel as an English Foreign Language teacher.

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  • Learn

    Take a deep-dive into the essential aspects of teaching English as a foreign language
  • Accepted globally

    Level 5 Certificate, a regulated qualification recognized by Ofqual
  • Post qualification job support

    Includes free job placement service for our TEFL students upon course completion
  • Open to anyone

    Study at your own pace from anywhere in the world
  • Trusted provider

    Over 93% of reviewers recommend TEFL UK - trusted by over 50,000 students who now teach across the world
  • Free e-book

    All courses include a bonus Lesson Planning E-Book upon course completion to get you ready for teaching
  • Value

    Outstanding value at only £219 for a limited introductory offer!
  • Expert tuition

    Enjoy a fun, interactive learning experience led by our experienced tutors

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TEFL UK supports Concern Worldwide and we believe in ending extreme poverty whatever it takes. As such, we donate £1 from the sale of every course in 2024 to directly benefit Concern’s education programmes. Find out more

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Guided Learning Hours

Other benefits include:

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Ofqual recognized Level 5 TEFL Qualification

Discover exciting international job opportunities and enhance your online job applications with our comprehensive Level 5 TEFL course. It's not just any course – it's OFQUAL regulated, ensuring top-notch quality and credibility. Prepare to take the first steps on a rewarding journey in the world of teaching English as a foreign language with the best qualification at your side. Enroll today and open doors to a world of possibilities!

level 5 tefl course

Is this the right course for me?

    • Open to anybody
    • Employers worldwide recognize and value OFQUAL-regulated courses, which can give you a competitive edge in the job market
    • No experience required
    • Study in your own time
    • Learn with highly qualified and experienced tutors

    Free lesson planning ebook

    With every TEFL UK course we'll include a free lesson plan e-book that contains ready-to-use lesson plan ideas for whenever you need them!Use them to help kick-start your lesson plans or keep them as back-up plans for busy weeks - the choice is yours!

    level 5 tefl qualification

    Course itinerary

    What does the 168hr TEFL course involve?


    Launch Your Career With Our 168-Hour TEFL Qualification, Awarded by TQUK

    TQUK, also known as Training Qualifications UK, is a renowned Ofqual-regulated Awarding Organisation, of which TEFL UK is an approved center. We have formed a strong partnership with TQUK to deliver the Ofqual RQF registered qualification in TEFL. This 168-hour TEFL program is an outstanding qualification aimed at enhancing the standards of English as a Second Language teaching on a global scale. By prioritizing quality and innovation, TQUK has swiftly earned trust and recognition from learners, training providers, and governments worldwide. With a presence in over 50 countries and a network of more than 400 centers globally, TQUK continues to expand its reach while maintaining its commitment to delivering high-quality qualifications.

    level 5 tefl course tefl uk

    Get the certificate, get the job

    Be inspired by our recent graduates Helen, Rebecca, Hayley, and Madelyn. See where TEFL can take you!


    The Level 5 Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (RQF) is a regulated qualification recognized by Ofqual. It's designed for those who would like to specialize in teaching English to speakers of other languages.

    The primary aim of this qualification is to develop the foundational knowledge and skills required to effectively teach English as a foreign language, preparing you for a rewarding career in this field.

    This qualification comprises eleven mandatory units, each covering essential aspects of teaching and learning English as a foreign language. These units provide a comprehensive understanding of the field and practical skills for your future career.

    The course includes 168 Guided Learning Hours (GLH), which encompass all contact time, guidance, or supervision provided by experienced educators.

    Directed Study is independent study time, and you are expected to dedicate approximately 122 hours to self-directed study and completing assessment portfolio tasks. This self-study is crucial to deepening your understanding and honing your skills.

    The Total Qualification Time (TQT) is an estimate of the total duration required for a learner to attain the necessary competence. It combines the GLH with additional hours spent on preparation, study, assessment, and other learning activities. For this qualification, the TQT is estimated at 290 hours.

    Assessment for this qualification involves internally set and marked assessments, subject to external quality assurance. Assessment methods include assignments, case studies, checklists, essays, portfolios of evidence, and more. It's important to note that this qualification is awarded on a Pass/Fail basis, with no grading involved.

    Our dedicated team of educators is here to support you every step of the way. We encourage active engagement in the course, provide clarification when needed, and aim to make your learning experience enriching and successful. When you enroll, you'll be assigned an experienced tutor who is dedicated to helping you succeed. But that's not all - to ensure you're set up for success, your tutor will also provide a complimentary informational and tips webinar. This valuable session is designed to equip you with the knowledge and insights you need to excel in your course. We believe in setting our students up for success, and this is just one way we do that.

    We offer one of the most generous coursework times in the industry, allowing you a full 12 months to complete your course materials. This timeframe provides you with, on average, an extra 5 months compared to most other providers – and the best part is, there's no extra charge for this extended access. We believe in giving you the time you need to succeed, without the added pressure of tight deadlines. Your success is our priority.

    Upon completing your TEFL course with TEFL UK, you'll gain access to our comprehensive job support services. We take immense pride in being the most connected TEFL provider, boasting an extensive network of international and online TEFL job opportunities that are available year-round. Whether you're looking to teach abroad or teach online, our wide-ranging connections and resources will help you find the perfect position to kick-start your teaching career!

    After successfully enrolling in this course, you will receive a learner agreement and an initial knowledge and skills assessment form via email. These documents are an essential part of your course preparation. Here's what you need to know:

    1. Learner Agreement: This agreement outlines the terms and conditions of your enrollment, including important policies, expectations, and responsibilities as a course participant. Please carefully read and understand the content of this agreement.

    2. Initial Knowledge and Skills Assessment Form: The assessment form helps us understand your current knowledge and skills related to the course subject matter. It provides valuable insights that enable us to tailor the course content to your needs and ensure you have the best learning experience possible.

    3. Submission Requirement: It's important to complete and return both the learner agreement and the knowledge and skills assessment form promptly. These documents must be submitted before starting the course.

    In the UK, the qualification regulator is Ofqual.

    The main reason people choose an Ofqual-regulated qualification is because of the associated quality mark that comes with it – which makes it attractive to possible employers.

    An Ofqual-regulated qualification also helps evidence that you have been exposed to high-quality teaching, that your course has been well designed, developed, and awarded – as is guaranteed by the Ofqual General Conditions of Recognition – and is awarded fairly and reliably by industry experts.

    All qualifications offered by TEFL UK have a qualification level, usually denoted by a level.

    This Level 5 Ofqual-recognised TEFL qualification is so named because it is equivalent to a foundation degree, which is a common qualification for those who studied at universities in Scotland, for example, or a Diploma of Higher Education (DipHE).

    This demonstrates a compliance level much higher than a typical A level – which will help to set you apart from other applicants when it comes to looking for a job once you have completed your course.

    TEFL UK offers all students who complete the 168hr Level 5 TEFL course a free job replacement service – to help you land your dream job with the minimum of stress and fuss.

    This includes positions across the world, allowing you to spread your wings and travel while earning. So, whether you are interested in visiting Europe, Asia, or even America, the supportive team at TEFL UK can help.

    Click to view a sample certificate here.

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