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Learning the Alphabet - Sample Lesson for Teaching Young Learners


Learning The Alphabet

This is the very first language lesson of every child. It should involve every teaching method: audio, visual and tactile.

  • Begin with a video or personal demonstration of the alphabet symbols and their corresponding phonetic sound.
  • Teach the class the traditional alphabet song.
  • Reinforce lesson with the use of flash cards, going through the entire alphabet, prompting the class to repeat the phonetic sound with each letter.
  • Distribute worksheets with the alphabet symbol paired with a picture of an object whose first sound corresponds with the phonetic sound of the letter.
  • Engage students in a flashcard alphabet game that reinforces letter recognition and phonics mastery, such as:
  1. Alphabet Race – Scramble cards and have children race to see who finish first in arranging the cards in order then sound out the corresponding phonetical sound for each letter.
  2. Flashcard Scrabble – Have students sound out three letter words and create them with flashcards.
  3. Flashcard Art – Give each student a flashcard and ask them to draw a picture of something that begins with the phonetic sound of that letter.