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Sample lesson plan ideas for teens


Keep young people engaged with the appeal of language that will help them navigate their favorite place, the digital world.

Online World 

  • Introduce and practice through recitation, visual recognition and writing vocabulary featured online such as: log in, password, chat, comment, reply, etc.
  • Introduce and practice through recitation, visual recognition and writing common conversational vocabulary that centers on a common digital activity such as a thread of comments associated with a social media post.
  • Use worksheets that feature role-play of engaging in a conversation about online etiquette and safety to reinforce the vocabulary introduced.
  • End the class with a group task of creating a poster about online safety.

Book Of The Day

Select a theme for a book and announce to the class that the vocabulary lesson will be used to write a book.

  • Use a worksheet of vocabulary lists to use with clues for a crossword puzzle.
  • Use a vocabulary worksheet to complete unfinished sentences.
  •  Team up students to write text for the book, assigning topics such as: Dedication, Introduction, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Conclusion, etc.
  • Have students recite their composed passages for the book.
  • Conclude with a reading and recitation of a poem related to the topic of the book.


Be The Hero

An activity to practice language skills be students imagining that they are a hero.

  • Practice past tense and future tense vocabulary with worksheets.
  • Have students practice their past tense and future tense vocabulary by composing a short narrative on their history as a hero and their future plans as a hero.
  • Have students recite their work.
  • Conclude class with a video of a true historical hero that is relevant to your individual student’s interests.