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The Best TEFL Resources

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The best TEFL teachers want to be as fully prepared as possible. Our intensive online and combined TEFL courses give you a comprehensive introduction to all the skills and knowledge you’ll need as a TEFL teacher, but there’s still plenty more we can learn to improve and develop in our teaching careers.

We learn every day on the job, and we learn from fellow teachers and their experiences. However, there are also lots of other resources at our disposal that can add more strings to our teaching bow and help us to discover new ideas and techniques.

In this blog, we’ll look over some of the best resources available online and in print that you can use to grow as a teacher.

YouTube Videos

There is an ever-expanding array of YouTube channels that not only help provide more support for students, but that also are focussed on being a TEFL teacher. When used correctly, these can be a real asset to your teaching.

Some of our favourites include:

ESL Kids Games - This is a fantastic resource if you’re stuck for activity ideas. ESL Kids Games has over 140 games on their channel, they’ve earned over 40,000 subscribers.

Daily English Conversation - suited to students of all abilities, from beginner to much more advanced, Daily English Conversation is used by learners of English from all over the globe and has over 1.6m subscribers. It provides practical examples of English conversations that can be used as part of a lesson or as homework.


Podcasts have had a real rise in the last few years, and there are great podcasts about education and TEFL teaching springing up every few months. Search in your podcast provider to see if there’s a show that can suit your commute, or when you’re out for a walk or just relaxing at home.

The TEFLOlogy Podcast - Released once every two weeks, this podcast covers everything in the world of TEFL and looks at all aspects of teaching, from methodologies to current affairs.

Masters of TESOL - If you’re after some inspiration, Masters of TESOL has plenty of ideas for ice breakers, warmers, and lesson plans. They’ve also got a section dedicated to TEFL teachers’ funniest stories from the classroom.

The TEFL Commute Podcast - This podcast isn’t always about TEFL teaching, but it’s sure to brighten up your day on your way into work. Each episode is centred around a classroom topic, but is much more light-hearted than a lot of educational podcasts.

Online Games

Whether you use these games in lessons themselves or whether they can act as inspiration for other activities is entirely up to you. is a fantastic resource for teachers as it has many worksheets, quizzes, games and activities for you and your students to get your teeth into.

Sometimes, you can’t beat ‘traditional’ teaching and there’s a lot to be said for learning on the job. However, when TEFL teaching, make sure you’re pulling from every available resource, not only will things like videos and podcasts help you become a better TEFL teacher, but they can help inspire your students too.

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