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Top Tips for Teach in China Applications

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If teaching English in China sounds like your job goal, then you’re in the right place!  We’re here to get you started:

# First impressions are everything so make sure your CV is in excellent shape. Is it up to date? Is it tailored to your China application? Which skills and experience will make you stand out as the perfect person for the role? Previous teaching experience isn’t a necessity, however be sure to add on any volunteering / tutoring you’ve undertaken etc. Don’t forget to proudly display your newly achieved TEFL qualification big and bold too. You can also outline any key points in your cover letter.

# Chinese applications do require a recent photo of you to accompany your CV. No fear, you don’t need to book a professional studio, a good quality smartphone selfie should do the trick.

# They like the look of your CV, your cover letter has won them over and you’ve hit the interview stage - well done! So, what to expect?

  • Demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm for teaching abroad. Why China? Why teaching? How will you deal with being in a new culture? What's your teaching philosophy?
  • Showcase your winning English communication skills. You’ll be teaching China's young generation so it’s important they know you’re up to the job.
  • Let that personality shine through. Engaging a class full of students for an hour is no easy feat, so this is where they look to see if you’re up to the challenge.

# A first class interview strategy could land you a role in one of the prime locations such as Shanghai, Shenzen, Beijing, Hong Kong etc. The hiring managers are aware these are the highly sought after teaching locations and so do tend to be more selective when hiring for these cities.

Ok, that’s the first bit covered- good luck! We’re here to assist you with discussing potential job opportunities, and find you the best possible experience.

Interested in working abroad in China? Got more questions you need answering, get in touch at [email protected]