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How to choose which country is best for you to teach in


Congratulations! You’ve passed the course, you’ve received your brand new, accredited certificate and now you’re on a quest to find your perfect job teaching English abroad. So where to start? 

We understand this bit can feel hugely overwhelming, it’s a big leap and there’s so much to consider. No fear however because we’re here with you every single step of the way. Our many years of experience means we’re in the best place to guide you through this process so let’s get started:

Check out our jobs board here . It’s a good place to begin, even to give yourself knowledge of the types of roles and locations on offer. We have a dedicated job placement service and can offer you access to 1000s of international teaching opportunities. In addition to this, we also recruit for online teaching roles. So, if you are not yet ready to move abroad, you can still teach English from the comfort of your own home on a flexible schedule that suits you.

Like the look of something but got some questions? That’s what we’re here for! Get in touch and we’ll answer any niggles.

  • Our job boards include tons of useful info including: job descriptions, working hours/days and even whether lesson plans are provided. There’s also info on benefits included (pay, accommodation, visa, travel etc etc). Then there’s the job requirements (such as having a TEFL certificate).
  • Once you find a job or two that’s caught your eye, now’s the time to do your research! Start by asking yourself the following questions:
    - Are you wanting to live and teach in a city or a village?
    - Perhaps you picture yourself living by the beach?
    - What do you want to do with your weekends off? Explore? Take day trips?
    - Is there a particular language you’d love to learn?
    - Are there any cultures you’d love to learn more about?
    - Will you enjoy the food in that country?
    - What age do you want to teach > Preschool/primary/secondary/adults?

Each of our job locations have many pro’s and so it of course depends completely on you and what you’re looking for out of your experience of teaching English in a foreign country. 

Each country has its own specific requirements too. Some countries (like Vietnam) require to pass a health check whereas Taiwan, for example, requests a 1 year contract commitment. Oh and you need to ensure you have no criminal record as this is a general big NO NO across all destinations. 

Not ready to commit to moving abroad for a longer term? No problem - we also offer TEFL internships which can be a great way to gain classroom experience without committing to a long term teaching contract. You would usually receive a little more initial training and support for a TEFL internship as this type of program is often aimed at first time teachers.

So, now you just need to ensure you know where your passport is and you’re all sorted!