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What Level is the 120 Hour TEFL Course?


If you wish to train up in order to teach English as a foreign language either in the UK or abroad, you’ll need to take a full and informative course that provides you with all of the knowledge and skill required.

You’ll also need that course to enable you to graduate with a high level qualification that is accepted worldwide.

The 120 Hour TEFL Course from TEFL UK

You can take a 120 hour TEFL course online with TEFL UK for all of the instruction you need - plus a certificate that is fully accredited and enables you to teach anywhere in the world. It can be legalized, notarized and authenticated for international visa application purposes, including for China.

TEFL UK is a member of the UK Register of Learning Providers (Reg. #10036852).

The course is a 13 module series of lessons and skill building exercises that will set you up perfectly for life as a teacher of English as a foreign language.

The 120 hour option teaches individuals at an advanced level, which means that you’ll be fully equipped with all of the tools and qualifications you’ll need by the time you graduate.

Course Units

The 120 hour TEFL course is divided into 13 units or modules that you can take at your own pace and fit around other commitments, such as work and childcare.

While most TEFL students complete the course in between 1 and 2 months, you are encouraged to go at your own pace to make sure you can absorb as much information as possible and complete each module to the best of your ability without being overburdened.

The course modules include:

  • Module 1: Starting Your TEFL Journey
  • Module 2: Grammatical Awareness
  • Module 3: Lesson Planning
  • Module 4: Building a Lesson Plan
  • Module 5: Using Games & Controlled Practice
  • Module 6: Lexis, Phonology & Functional Language
  • Module 7: Receptive Skills: Listening
  • Module 8: Receptive Skills: Reading
  • Module 9: Productive Skills: Speaking (and Vocabulary)
  • Module 10: Productive Skills: Writing
  • Module 11: Grammar Plus + DVD Lesson
  • Module 12: Teaching Children
  • Module 13: Classroom Survival Tips

Supplementary Modules

Depending on your goals and ambitions, you may also wish to take a 70 hour intensive “Business English” course to learn about corporate teaching and find out how to begin your very own professional career as a Business English instructor.

We also offer a 20 hour “In Class Teaching Practicum” to gain real, in-person experience teaching genuine ESL students with the new skills you have learned.

Once You’ve Finished

After graduating from the 120 hour TEFL course provided by TEFL UK, you’ll still have access to thousands of job opportunities, as well as access to support and resources via our alumni network.

You’ll have lifetime access to TEFL UK course materials too, so you can refresh your knowledge whenever you need.

For further information about the 120 Hour TEFL Course provided by TEFL UK, please feel free to get in touch with our team today. We’ll be very happy to provide all of the advice, support and guidance you require.