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Will my TEFL certificate expire?


If you’re considering teaching English as a foreign language, you’ve probably realised by now that the best starting point is getting yourself TEFL certified. It should be the first thing on your list before teaching English abroad, as the vast majority of employers will ask for a TEFL certificate.

You may not be exactly sure when you plan to travel, possibly due to COVID regulations or personal reasons. And this could cause you to worry that your newly achieved TEFL certificate will expire before you even get on the plane!

At TEFL UK, we’re here to put your mind at rest. Your TEFL certificate will not expire. Not next year, not in five or ten years. Never. Once you’ve earned it, it’s yours for life.

I’ve just got my TEFL certificate. What’s next?

If you’ve just completed your TEFL course, you may like to start looking for work straight away. And that’s absolutely fine, there’s nothing stopping you! In fact, you could get started right now by taking a look at our TEFL job listings.

However, if you’re feeling that now isn’t really the right time for you to be travelling the world – no problem! Since your TEFL certificate will never expire, you can rest safe in the knowledge that it’s there whenever you feel ready to begin your adventures.

With a TEFL certificate, you can teach English in Spain in your twenties, get a completely unrelated job for thirty years, and then use your certification again to retire as an English teacher in Argentina in your fifties. TEFL certification is your golden ticket to use whenever and wherever you wish to teach English abroad.

Will access to the TEFL course materials expire?

When you choose to take a TEFL course with TEFL UK, you will get lifetime access to all the course materials.

So even if it’s years before you decide to look for a TEFL job, you’ll still be able to log on and give yourself a refresher!

The lifelong nature of TEFL certification gives you the flexibility and freedom to choose. Either opt to put your new knowledge to work immediately, or just check your TEFL certification off your to-do list, safe in the knowledge that it’s always there when you need it.

Start your TEFL journey today by getting TEFL certified

If you’d like to teach English abroad and aren’t yet TEFL certified, what are you waiting for? Enrol on a TEFL course today!

TEFL UK provide a range of online TEFL certification courses, all suitable for different purposes. Take a look at our courses page to find the one that’s most appropriate for you.

We recommend the 120 hour Professional TEFL course for most applicants, but if you’re unsure which course would be the right fit, please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] or call us on 0800 368 9848.