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Overseas Webinar from Gaba for teaching in Japan

Teach in Japan

Gaba will be hosting another information webinar on Thursday, November 25th (JST) at 17:30pm via Zoom for those who are interested in learning more about teaching English with Gaba in Japan.

If you'd like further details on how to attend, you can see the information flyer here.

Gaba Webinar (PDF)

Why teach English in Japan with Gaba?

Gaba provides one to one English instruction. You can give individualised sessions in a professional setting with ongoing training and growth.

Each one to one teaching session is 40 minutes and there are over 36 available locations across Japan. You'll be teaching English in Japan to motivated professionals and so it's a great opportunity to meet new people and learn about Japanese culture.

We hope you'll be able to attend the webinar where you'll get the chance to ask questions and learn more about TEFL in Japan.

Apply for teaching jobs in Japan with Gaba

You can also register your interest for teaching jobs in Japan with Gaba and get more information on how you can live and work as an English teacher in Japan. Applications are underway for 2022 arrivals and we hope to hear from you soon!