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Discover our 240-hour combined TEFL teaching programme


Here at TEFL UK, we make it our life’s work to train the next generation of teachers to become inspiring educational leaders – across the globe!

One of the ways we achieve this is through our 240-hour combined TEFL teaching programme. With 240-hours of blended learning – incorporating online study and 20 hours of real, hands-on teaching practice – we teach you how to maximise pupil engagement and motivate your students to achieve their learning potential.

As a stand-out qualification, our 240-hour combined TEFL teaching programme will fast-track your TEFL teaching career. You will learn practical ways to use your resources effectively and why in-depth lesson planning is crucial. Other modules TEFL UK cover include:

  • Grammatical Awareness
  • Building a lesson plan
  • Using games and controlled practice
  • Lexis, phonology and functional language
  • Receptive skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking (vocabulary)
  • Teaching children
  • Classroom Survival tips
  • Assessing Needs
  • The Business English Arena
  • Planning, designing and delivering Business English course
  • Business English – writing and reading Business English

As our biggest course to date, the 240-hour combined TEFL teaching programme is delivered via a tutor-led video presentation. Our tutors have extensive experience and are highly skilled, so you can be sure they will provide you with the right support. You will also have access to a full student Practicum guide, online support and certification once the course is completed via an online portal. With this internationally-recognised qualification, you will receive lifetime access to course materials and get hired for more teaching jobs.

Other TEFL teaching programmes on offer from TEFL UK

Of course, there are other TEFL teaching programmes that we offer, if you prefer to work your way up to the 240-hour combined TEFL teaching programme. These include:

  • 120-hour Professional TEFL

As a 13-module qualification, this course teaches you how to become a confident and effective TEFL teacher, making a difference in the lives of both children and adults wishing to learn, or improve, their English. Covering things like classroom management, lesson planning and grammatical awareness – to name a few – this qualification is perfect for first-time teachers and those looking to gain an additional qualification.

  • 140-hour Combined TEFL

This particular course adds real teaching experience to your CV, as it combines theory with practice. Test what you learn through 20 hours of live teaching to ESL learners. This makes you an ideal candidate for TEFL employers, who are looking for teachers with authentic classroom teaching experience.

  • 150-hour Advanced TEFL

The most popular course for first-time teachers, this qualification prepares you to inspire in the classroom through learning to teach across a broad range of contexts. Not only will you learn the key concepts in teaching exam classes, such as IELTS, but you will have access to amazing teaching opportunities around the world.

  • 170-hour Combined TEFL

By taking our most popular course – 150-hour Advanced TEFL – and adding 20 hours of in-class teaching practicum, you will have a chance to put what you have learned into practice. As a CELTA-equivalent qualification, you can discover the techniques required to motivate your students and maximise their engagement.

  • 220-hour Specialist TEFL

This specialist course enables you to teach across a broad range of areas, including a 70-hour section on teaching Business English. Exploring lesson planning in depth, you can learn how to create the best learning experience for your students.

Teaching English as a foreign language is a popular career path for many – regardless of age or background. With our 240-hour combined TEFL teaching programme, you can apply for jobs worldwide and increase your employability in the teaching world.

TEFL UK often run specials on our various TEFL courses. Please feel free to check our latest discounts at your convenience.

Trusted by over 50,000 students with 93% recommending us as the place to come for a TEFL teaching programme, we are award-winning with the Travel Study sector of the Travel and Hospitality Awards. Interested? Then you can contact us for more information and to get registered on your first course today!