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Spotlight on teaching in Indonesia


This month, we we are taking a closer look at teaching English in Indonesia. Come and explore one of the world's most diverse nations! With a range of breathtaking destinations to select from, each offering a salary of up to 15,000,000 IDR, as well as housing and travel expenses, Indonesia is a fantastic choice for your next TEFL destination.

Reasons to teach in Indonesia

TEFL UK are hiring English teachers for over 70 centres spread over 30 cities in Indonesia. You can explore everything that Indonesia has to offer as you set out on an unforgettable adventure and teach English in Indonesia. Work with eager students, from the bustling capital of Jakarta to the peaceful beautiful village of Kupang. Don't have teaching experience? No problem! A local team of supportive academic staff will guide you through the classroom training while providing you with materials that will help you engage and have fun with your pupils.

Training & development for teaching jobs in Indonesia

In your first few weeks teaching English in Indonesia, you will go through onboarding training. This will be an introduction to teaching local learners, followed by a refresher on teaching methodologies that you covered in your TEFL course.

The CPD (continuous professional development) you are working on will be supported by your academic manager and mentor through training sessions and frequent, constructive observations. Additionally, you will have access to a learning management system where a variety of self-study courses centred on teaching-related topics can be found.

Food in Indonesia

English teachers gain incredible insight into the Indonesian diet and a taste of new cuisine by eating locally produced meals and purchasing produce from Indonesian markets. Additionally, low costs leave teachers with cash in their pockets for trips and further adventure.

Indonesian living expenses

Generally speaking, living in Asia is less expensive than living in the UK, but you probably didn't know that one of the world's most affordable countries is Indonesia. That's wonderful news because it means your salary will go a long way with some cautious preparation! The costs of eating out, shopping, transportation, and lodging are incredibly reasonable and well within the means of expat teachers.


Eating out is the greatest way to experience the diverse regional cuisines of Indonesia. Indonesians frequently eat out and prefer to host friends and coworkers in restaurants as opposed to their homes. You'll discover that leisure activities in Indonesia are frequently quite reasonable, whether you're having dinner with friends, working out at the gym, or getting a massage.

Teach TEFL in Indonesia

As soon as you land in Indonesia, you have a lot to look forward to. While working as an English teacher in Indonesia, you'll get the chance to explore your city with your new coworkers, sample regional food, and study Bahasa Indonesian so you can communicate with the people. Discover the various English teaching jobs in Indonesia that are available for you with TEFL UK!