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Are TEFL courses legit? The 120-hour Professional TEFL UK course


With an ever-growing selection of TEFL courses available online, how do you make sure you are purchasing a legitimate, accredited course?

Is the 120-hour Professional TEFL course really going to change your life or is it some sort of scam?

Find out once and for all with TEFL UK.

Are TEFL UK courses legitimate and accredited?

Unlike other seemingly like-for-like qualifications online, all TEFL UK courses are internationally accepted and officially accredited.

This ensures that you can, in fact, go on to teach anywhere in the UK or internationally with a TEFL qualification, without wasting your time or money.

Qualifications that pass official checks

Falsified documents will fail official checks with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), removing your entitlement to an international visa application.

To stop this, all TEFL UK course qualifications can be legalised, notarized, and authenticated, will pass UK government checks, and be legally recognised in your destination country – allowing you greater peace of mind and the freedom to travel and work legally.

Accreditation with registered learning providers and accreditation bodies

TEFL UK is a fully accredited member of the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) – demarcating us and our courses as a recognised legal entity within the UK, as verified by a legal source in full accordance with the UKRLP standards.

Our UK provider reference number (UKPRN) is 10036852.

TEFL UK courses are also fully accredited via the international TEFL accreditation body Accreditat – which is a third-party, independent accreditation service designed to ensure excellence in TEFL/ TESOL training providers.

How can the 120-hour Professional TEFL course help me?

The 120-hour Professional TEFL course is ideal for prospective teachers who want to:

  • Teach English abroad, online or in the UK
  • Study while they work – stopping cashflow problems that are associated with changing careers
  • Learn online, at their own pace

As such, if you are serious about retraining, the 120-hour Professional TEFL course is a great fit.

You’re only 120 hours away from qualified teaching

Unlike teaching degrees that can take 3-4 years of full-time study, training to become a TEFL teacher can take as little as 3 weeks if you choose to study full-time for your TEFL qualification.

Moreover, you can study around your current job in your own time, meaning you won’t have to put your life on hold or travel to university to expand your horizons. Many of our learners choose to create a routine for themselves while studying at home, dedicating as little as an evening a week, to a few evenings or a full day, allowing them to continue to earn and manage their day-to-day responsibilities without falling behind.

Most university courses require students to complete anywhere between 3,600- 4,800 hours in total, 1,200 hours per year, meaning that their life must completely revolve around their studies. With the 120-hour Professional TEFL UK course, you can instead spread 120 hours across any period you need, from a few weeks to a year and beyond – giving you ultimate flexibility.

Remove the need for endless loan repayments

Not only will studying with TEFL UK save you a vast amount of time, but the amount of money you will save can be astronomical.

Recent changes to student loan repayments, referred to as Plan 5 repayments, now mean that university graduates will now have to repay their loans for 40 years, rather than the original 30 years. This means that students will have an extra decade to repay their loans – giving them an extra monthly outgoing to budget for.

Studying for a TEFL qualification with TEFL UK means you will have no tuition and living expense loans and can instead gain a whole new career for less than the price of a pair of designer trainers – providing our teachers with unbeatable value.

No qualifications or prior experience is necessary

The biggest barrier to changing careers is often a lack of relevant qualifications.

Traditionally to enter teaching, you would need a series of specific GCSEs and A Levels just to be accepted onto the teaching course – this is simply not the case with a TEFL teaching qualification.

The same can be said for relevant experience, as most courses request a minimum number of hours of classroom experience before you can apply for the teaching course – which can be incredibly difficult to gain if you work a traditional workweek.

With the 120-hour Professional TEFL course, you can learn to teach, no matter your starting point – qualification or experience-wise. There are no minimum starting qualification levels or experience requirements, allowing you to launch into your new career without delay.

Is the 120-hour Professional TEFL UK course for you?

Want to escape your monotonous Monday-Friday, 9-5?

Keen to see the world and improve the lives of children and adult learners across the globe?

The 120-hour Professional TEFL UK course gives the knowledge, confidence, and skills needed to pursue a rewarding career teaching English, from anywhere in the world.

Find out more about our 120-hour Professional TEFL course or contact our friendly team today if you have any questions– you can call us or send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.