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Is the TEFL Internship in China, Sichuan a rewarding experience?


If you are a new or training teacher looking for a rewarding way to boost your teaching experience, you will have plenty of options available to you.

So, it can be hard to know which options will be the most rewarding to you – professionally and personally.

In this instance then, should you consider the TEFL Internship in China as your next adventure?

Why teach English in China?

Teaching English in the Sichuan province of China is a very popular option for trainees or even prospective teachers who hold a bachelor’s degree in absolutely anything.

But why do an estimated 1 million English language teachers choose China?

A great work-life balance

    Many English language teachers prefer internships which give them a better work-life balance – and compared to the working hours of teachers in the UK, it’s hardly surprising.

    On the TEFL internship in China, you will teach an average of 15 classes per week, which equates to around 13 hours per week.

    This is less than half of the traditional workweek free for exploration, travelling, further education, or a mix of the three.

    This also allows you to make sure you are adequately rested, which might be very welcome indeed if you have just come from a degree or a full-time job!

    Wide variety of locations available

      Worried that the TEFL internship in China will tie you to one place?

      Although the Sichuan province is the named option, you have a range of locations to choose from, including:

      • Chengdu
      • Guangyuan
      • Nanchong
      • Bazhong
      • Dazhou
      • Ya’an
      • Deyang
      • Suining
      • Guang’an
      • Meishan
      • Ziyang
      • Leshan
      • Neijiang
      • Zigong
      • Yibin
      • And beyond!

      This means you can spend the five months of your placement in a province or city you want to explore the most.

      How do you choose where to go?

      Well, that’s up to you – but we are happy to recommend one of our personal favourites if you are stuck!

      Learn Mandarin and other key skills

        All internships will come with the development of key teaching skills, that’s a given – but personal skills and language skills aren’t guaranteed with them all.

        Unlike these other internships, you will receive 10 hours of Mandarin lessons with real Chinese teachers on the TEFL internship in China – giving you the best chance at success.

        In 2020, over 80% of the population of China had some understanding of Mandarin, which gives you a natural advantage when teaching English in China.

        This can allow you to communicate effectively in two languages with your students, helping you to explain and help your students understand key concepts and ideas.

        Similarly, learning a language can help you personally, with a wide range of benefits, from improving your career options and your memory and your ability to multitask.

        Shorter placements with bi-annual arrival dates

          Unlike other internships which will see you away from your friends and family in the UK for a year, our TEFL internship in China consists of a single, one-semester placement that lasts 5 months.

          The program semester starts in late February or August, allowing you to choose the part of the year you want to spend away from home.

          This means that you can prioritise important dates, like your graduation ceremony or even Christmas, and be away when it suits you best!

          A win-win for everyone!

          Apply for the TEFL internship in Sichuan today!

          Thanks to the associated benefits of the TEFL internship in China, early application is encouraged – this internship always has many applicants and is very popular with trainee teachers in the UK.

          So, if you are interested, fill out the application form at the bottom of your screen without delay.

          If you have any queries or want to find out more, you can call us on 0800 368 9848 or email us at [email protected] and we’ll be in touch as soon we can.