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Does TEFL UK offer Ofqual-accredited courses?


If you are considering teaching English as a foreign language across the world, chances are you will be looking to get qualified.

However, choosing the right course to complete can be a bit of a minefield – as there are so many now available to prospective English teachers.

Ofqual-accredited courses are a newer option and TEFL UK is proud to offer our own: accredited TEFL courses and an in-depth 168-hour Level 5 TEFL qualification, perfect for helping you to excel as a foreign language teacher.

What is an accredited course?

All TEFL courses will give you a qualification upon completion, but many people are now looking for accredited courses and qualifications as a way to set them apart from the crowd.

Accredited courses are so named because they have been approved by a professional organisation and provide a recognised mark of quality –which is highly requested by employers for some jobs.

Accredited courses aren’t for everyone, however, and are only considered relevant if you are studying something that:

  • Leads to a particular kind of job.
  • Requires a higher level or skill or knowledge.

A recognised centre

TEFL UK is a training qualifications centre that has received recognition through TQUK, an Awarding Organisation based in Manchester.

TQUK themselves are in turn regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation. Known as Ofqual, this government department ensures qualifications are recognised both in the UK and internationally.

Some TEFL UK courses are therefore Ofqual-accredited, ensuring top-notch quality and increased credibility, no matter where you teach.

ACCREDITAT course accreditation

Some TEFL UK qualifications have been accredited by ACCREDITAT – an international accreditation body which sets rigorous standards for compliance that must be met for accreditation.

These standards include the:

  1. Ethics and integrity of their operation
  2. High quality of their course
  3. Calibre of their assessment
  4. High capability, extensive knowledge, and expertise of their tutors

Are Ofqual qualifications accredited?

Put most simply, some qualifications are Ofqual-accredited.

This Ofqual accreditation doesn’t improve the result of the course, but it does help employers to trust the quality of your qualification, as the learning centre (in this case TEFL UK) has gone through the accreditation process.

This can then make your job application more successful if you go up against a similarly qualified, yet unaccredited, applicant and help you get the job you want!

Why choose an accredited TEFL course?

In addition to increasing your chances of job success, why else should you opt for an accredited TEFL course?

  • Impressing potential employers

Accredited courses can go a long way to impressing potential employers and push you forward as the best candidate for the role.

Accredited qualifications can also be a requirement for many roles.

  • Transferable skills

As well as giving you the qualification you applied for, accreditation can enhance and better advertise your transferable skills – helping you to access a range of possible jobs and career options.

  • Proof of competence

Completion of an accredited course also gives you an additional certificate, which acts as proof of competence.

This can be a great avenue for those looking for a new career or even career progression.

  • Global recognition

As accredited courses and qualifications are recognised across the world, you can confidently pursue international job opportunities, while being on par with international standards – which is even more important when you are teaching abroad.

Choose an accredited course with TEFL UK

Thanks to the associated benefits of accredited qualifications, Ofqual-accredited TEFL courses are becoming very popular with trainee teachers in the UK who are looking to teach abroad.

So, if you are interested and want to know more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

You can call us on 0800 368 9848 or email us at [email protected] and we’ll be in touch as soon we can.