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What is a Level 5 TEFL course?


When comparing courses that enable you to teach English as a foreign language, there will be many to choose from.

With such a wide range of online or in-person courses and different qualification levels, it can be hard to know which is right for you.

However, instead of making the decision harder, the TEFL Level 5 course could be the answer to all of your quandaries.

Read on to find out what a Level 5 TEFL course is and why you should be at least strongly considering it if you are serious about your career teaching English as a foreign language.

What is the TEFL Level 5 course?

The 168-hour Level 5 TEFL is the newest to market and offers formal accreditation alongside your TEFL qualification.

It is structured like the rest of the TEFL courses and completed online but comes with two added benefits, including:

  • Being approved by the professional organisation Ofqual
  • Providing an internationally-recognised mark of quality

This means, in essence, that TEFL UK has received recognition from TQUK, an Awarding Organisation in Manchester, which is in turn regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation – Ofqual.

The TEFL Level 5 course is therefore Ofqual-accredited and provides an excellent prospect for would-be educators keen to relocate to warmer (and drier!) shores and teach English.

How hard is the TEFL Level 5 course?

Many prospective students are worried that accreditation means the TEFL course will be harder.

While the answer to this is very much determined by your current education level, most people in the UK will have a minimum qualification level of either:

  • Level 2 - GCSEs at A* - C
  • Level 3 – A-levels
  • Level 6 – Most undergraduate degree classifications

As a TEFL Level 5 course is pitched roughly between these levels, most students should find the course thorough and challenging – but not overly so.

Each TEFL UK course, including the TEFL Level 5, is designed to be accessible and fun – with a varied portfolio of tasks and support materials to make completing your course attainable and still feel like an achievement.

Likewise, when you start our course, you will be personally assigned one of our highly qualified and experienced TEFL tutors, who is there to support you and set you up for success.

We know you’ll pass in no time, but to further set your mind at ease, why not browse our TEFL UK alumni testimonials?

How does the TEFL Level 5 course help English teachers?

Thanks to this accreditation, the Level 5 TEFL course benefits you by:

  • Advertising the quality of your qualification

Very few courses aimed at TEFL teachers are accredited, which makes the quality of your qualification provider – and therefore your qualification – all the more impressive.

  • Helping you to stand out from other candidates

This is true even for TEFL Level 5 candidates who are up against those with similar educational backgrounds when applying for a job.

Making it much more likely that interviewers will choose you over another prospective teacher.

  • Awarding you with an extra qualification, described as proof of competence

While not likely to stand up as a qualification in its own right, proof of competence can be an important feather in your cap when looking to jumpstart a new career path or pursue advancement.

  • Providing evidence of your transferable skills

Frequently discussed during interviews but hard to prove or justify, transferable skills are properly highlighted and given the recognition they deserve after completing a Level 5 TEFL.

This could be the thing that clinches your dream job teaching English abroad!

  • Making it easier to achieve international teaching positions

International schools are often very particular about who they employ, as they can face much greater scrutiny about factors such as funding usage and employment decisions.

As such, any candidate looking to gain a position in the most prestigious or oversubscribed schools should do all they can to boost their chances – and an accredited Level 5 TEFL helps you do just that.

Stand out and slay the job competition with an accredited TEFL Level 5 qualification

As most candidates looking to get into TEFL teaching abroad will start with a TEFL qualification, why not outsmart the rest and put yourself ahead of the pack from the get-go?

Thanks to its accessibility, a TEFL Level 5 qualification makes a very attractive – not to mention savvy – proposition for those who want to travel, explore the world, and teach English as a foreign language.

To find out more or ask any pressing questions, you can email us today at [email protected] or open the webchat at the bottom of your screen – a member of our friendly team will be in touch as soon as they can to help you.