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tefl internship in colombia

Colombia TEFL Internship

Teach English Abroad and Gain Valuable Experience ❤️

Transform Lives with Our TEFL Internship in Colombia

Are you passionate about teaching and eager to make a difference? Join our TEFL internship in Colombia and get started on a rewarding journey to teach English abroad. This unique opportunity allows you to take our 150-hour TEFL course while completing a paid 3-month internship at one of our affiliated schools in Bogota, Cali, Medellin, or other locations depending on availability.


Paid Internship in Colombia

  • Explore and earn

    Receive a monthly bonus of USD 300 from our affiliated schools
  • Housing included

    Private room accommodation with a host family throughout your stay in Colombia
  • Meet and greet

    Airport pick up on arrival
  • Orientation

    1 day training and orientation
  • Minimal lesson prep

    All teaching materials provided to teach children, teenagers or adults
  • Access to in-country support

    International coordination support during the internship
  • TEFL certification

    150 hour TEFL certificate included
  • Guaranteed weekly teaching

    Mon - Fri, no weekends

Book with a £179 deposit - inquire for more details.

Program Cost and Benefits

Affordable Administration Fee

  • As part of our NGO project, a one-time £500 administration fee covers all arrangements and the TEFL qualification.
  • Your fee supports program organization and logistical costs, helping us continue our mission to assist underprivileged communities in Colombia.

Additional Benefits

  • Experience living in vibrant cities like Bogota, Cali, and Medellin.
  • Opportunity to use your TEFL certificate to teach in other countries after program completion.
  • Engage in a meaningful project for social change and bilingual Colombia.
  • Arrive in Colombia any month - placements are available year-round.
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Why Choose Our TEFL Internship?

  • Impactful Experience: Make a difference in the lives of your students while gaining international teaching experience.
  • Professional Development: Enhance your teaching skills and boost your resume with a recognized TEFL certification.
  • Cultural Immersion: Live with a host family and experience Colombian culture firsthand.
  • Supportive Network: Benefit from our extensive support network and international coordination throughout your stay.
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    Entry Requirements

    To qualify for this TEFL internship, you need to meet the following criteria:

    • Preferably have some teaching experience.
    • Be community-minded and keen to support social change.
    • Provide current proof of no criminal record.
    • Possess some Spanish language ability (advantageous but not mandatory).
    • Be between 18-50 years old.
    • Hold a passport from an English-speaking country and be able to arrive as a tourist.
    • Commit to a 3-month placement in Colombia.
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    Available Dates

    • 8th July - 7th October 2024
    • 8th October- 20th December 2024
    • 20th January- 18th April 2025
    • 21st April- 18th July 2025
    • 22nd July- 21st October 2025
    • 22nd October - 19th December 2025

      About TEFL Internship Colombia

      This programme is delivered in parternship with a non-profit organization dedicated to working with underprivileged people in Colombia. Our TEFL internship program aims to improve English language education while providing valuable teaching experience to aspiring English Second Language teachers.

      FAQ: Colombia TEFL Internship

      A TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) internship in Colombia offers aspiring teachers the chance to teach English in Colombian schools while gaining hands-on experience and earning a TEFL certification. Our program includes a 150-hour TEFL course and a 3-month paid teaching internship in cities like Bogota, Cali, and Medellin.

      To apply, visit our website and fill out the online application form. You will need to meet certain entry requirements, such as having some teaching experience, being between 18-50 years old, and providing proof of no criminal record. Once your application is reviewed, we will contact you with the next steps.

      Participants receive a monthly bonus of USD 300, accommodation with a host family, airport pickup, and a day of orientation and training. The program also covers all teaching materials and provides ongoing in-country support. You’ll gain valuable teaching experience and a TEFL certification, which can open doors to teaching opportunities worldwide.

      Yes, the internship is paid. You will receive a monthly bonus of USD 300 from our affiliated schools during your 3-month placement. Additionally, the program fee is affordable, and you have the option to pay in three installments.

      The one-time administration fee of £500 covers your 150-hour TEFL certification, placement in a Colombian school, accommodation, airport pickup, orientation, and international support. This fee helps support the logistical and organizational costs of the program, which is part of an NGO project aimed at supporting underprivileged communities in Colombia.

      Internship placements are available in various locations including Bogota, Cali, Medellin, and other cities depending on availability. These placements are with schools that are part of our partner network.

      Participants will live with a host family in a private room throughout their stay in Colombia. This arrangement provides an immersive cultural experience and helps you better integrate into the local community.

      We provide comprehensive support including international coordination, a day of training and orientation upon arrival, and in-country assistance throughout your internship. Our team is available to help with any issues or questions you might have.

      Yes, upon successful completion of the program, you will earn a 150-hour TEFL certification, which is recognized globally. This certification allows you to pursue teaching opportunities in other countries.

      Applicants should preferably have some teaching experience, be community-minded, provide a current proof of no criminal record, have some Spanish language ability (advantageous but not mandatory), be between 18-50 years old, and hold a passport from an English-speaking country. You must also be able to arrive as a tourist and commit to a 3-month placement.

      Interns will teach from Monday to Friday with no weekend commitments. All lesson materials are provided, minimizing lesson preparation time and allowing you to focus on delivering engaging and effective lessons.

      Our TEFL internship is part of a broader NGO initiative dedicated to improving English education in underprivileged communities in Colombia. By participating, you are not only gaining professional experience but also contributing to the mission of enhancing educational opportunities and fostering social change in the region.

      Our program offers a combination of paid teaching experience, cultural immersion through living with a host family, and professional development with a recognized TEFL certification. You will have the chance to explore Colombia’s vibrant cities, contribute to meaningful social change, and expand your horizons as an educator.

      The internship program lasts for 3 months. During this time, you will complete your teaching duties, engage with the local community, and complete the 150-hour TEFL certification course.

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