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Improve my Academic English

English Online Language Course

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Improve my Academic English Online Course

Understanding inference and implication; Identifying arguments and purpose; Paraphrasing; Using contextual clues; Recognizing sign-posts.

Major credit cards accepted
  • Practice listening and reading

    30 lessons for academic listening and reading skill practise at the B1 level
  • Interactive learning

    15 short videos on how to improve your study skills for university
  • Engage authentically

    Structured practise using semi-authentic scripts based on academic lectures and readings
  • Covers core subjects

    Humanities, Science, Commerce, and Law are among the subjects and study areas covered by the topics and vocabulary
  • Smart features

    To maximise practise and confidence, there is a built-in review of new language and skills
  • Super convenient

    Study online, from anywhere and across any device

Course overview

  • Number of Lessons: 30 core + 15 study skill videos
  • Lesson duration: Approx. 45 minutes
  • Vocabulary target: 400 new words


This course is for learners who are at an intermediate level and want to develop their Academic English skills.

See how it works with this quick explainer video.

It's easy to improve your English with TEFL UK.


There is a particular emphasis on developing listening and reading skills in preparation for further English study or international exams like the IELTS and TOEFL.

Students will be exposed to material that is intended to mimic university lectures and reading through a variety of text styles, and topics will cover a wide range of subject disciplines.

Yes, academic vocabulary is also included to help you broaden your academic language skills.

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Improve my Academic English Course

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