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Emotional Intelligence

This CPD approved Introduction to Emotional Intelligence Course is aimed at those want to develop more effective relationships with members of their teams. Our Online Training will introduce the concept of emotional intelligence and look at how you can use it in effective and meaningful ways.

Emotional Intelligence Online Course

Our Introduction to Emotional Intelligence online course provides essential knowledge and skills to develop self-awareness, manage emotions, build stronger relationships, and enhance overall well-being, promoting personal and professional success.

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What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is a set of emotional and social skills that collectively establish how well you perceive and express yourself, maintain social relationships and cope with challenges.

It's not just a passing management fad, in fact it is based on a great body of data, based on studies of tens of thousands of working people taken from a wide range of industries.

The research shows which qualities make a star performer and while Emotional Intelligence isn't the sole predictor of performance potential, it has been proven to be a key indicator in this area.

This Introduction to Emotional Intelligence course will examine the difference between emotional intelligence and IQ, and dispel some of the myths surrounding emotional intelligence.

It contains a sections on the advantages and disadvantages of using emotional intelligence and considers the biological purpose for emotions and how best to manage them.

Finally, it will highlight the role played by emotions in the workplace and provide practical advice, including tips for using emotional intelligence to deal effectively with emotions in situations that can arise in the workplace.

Who should take this emotional intelligence training course?

An emotional intelligence course can be highly beneficial for teachers, as it can help them understand and manage their emotions effectively, enabling them to create a more positive and supportive learning environment for their students. By cultivating self-awareness, empathy, and social skills, teachers can enhance their ability to connect with and motivate students, manage conflicts, and promote student well-being. Emotional intelligence can also help teachers cope with the demands and stresses of teaching, enabling them to maintain their energy, enthusiasm, and resilience.

CPD approval means that this course can be used by those that need to prove they are continually developing themselves.

Our online training is flexible, efficient and cost effective, meaning you can progress through the modules at your own pace and in your own time, so you can fit the training in around your work and personal life.

Duration: 50 minutes


  1. What is Emotional Intelligence? - Try this module for free
  2. Understanding and recognising emotions
  3. Emotional Intelligence at work
  4. Tips for dealing with emotions at work

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