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Managing Meetings

This CPD approved Managing Meetings Course will show you how to run meetings effectively and improve your ability to instigate actions that are quick and efficient. Learn how to become a more confident, effective and, ultimately, successful participant.

Managing Meetings Online Course

Our online Managing Meetings course provides the essential skills and techniques to effectively lead meetings that are productive, engaging, and achieve results.

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This course is recommended and approved by the following bodies:


Boost your Business Communcation Skills

We think everyone would agree that poorly called or run meetings waste valuable time for any organisation.

The Managing Meetings course starts with some basic definitions and statistics that outline how important running meetings effectively can be.

It examines factors that make meetings great, and some practical steps you can take to ensure everything runs smoothly and successful outcomes are achieved.

It also covers some of the ways you can handle any problems that may arise.

Finally, this course looks at different decision-making approaches you can use, and finishes off with some notes on keeping a learning log to help you learn and grow, ultimately becoming a more confident and effective participant or chairperson.

Duration: 60 minutes


  1. The Basics - Try this module for free!
  2. Planning
  3. Preparing an Agenda
  4. Problems and How to Deal With Them
  5. Techniques for Resolving Conflict
  6. Making Decisions

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