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Refresh your knowledge of English grammar, feel prepared for the classroom.

A professional development course for those tricky grammar lessons.

How To Teach Grammar

20hr How To Teach Grammar Course

Learn how to teach grammar with this short course designed to help you become a grammar pro!

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I completed a 150hr TEFL course which I found very relevant as I have been able to use the lessons I learnt in my classes . I continue to refer to the course material whenever I face challenges with lessons. Navigation of the course was simple and easy and I could go over a lesson as many times as I wanted if I needed to. What I liked most about the course is that I could study at my own pace and complete the course in my own time. I have been talking to my friends about this certification ever since I completed my course. It is worth the time and money.

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  • Great for brushing up your skills on grammar and how to teach it
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Some essential points to remember when teaching English grammar include developing your own subject expertise, ensure plenty of in class talk time, teach the grammar point in context and make it fun!

The form of sentences is directly related to some of the most basic and important English grammatical principles. A singular subject requires a singular predicate, according to these principles. We can envision this as an entire thought must be expressed in a sentence.

To demonstrate how grammar is employed, use examples from literature and popular writing. This could be a good approach to teaching grammar. Students can pick and select the texts or stories they want to use. The pupils will find the lesson more engaging as a result of this. It's important to try and keep the context of learning relevant to student interests.

Drills and exercises can be used to teach grammar. The teacher monitors and provides corrective feedback. A good idea might be to make a list of common errors and feed these back to class at the end of the session to avoid too many interruptions to the flow of the lesson. The key to success is variety, use lots of different resources to drill the grammar point, also diagram the sentence structure on the board so that students can visually refer back to it when they need to.

First, you need to introduce the material to the students, this can be done through a warmer or game activity. Then you need to practice, practice, practice! Get students to read or say the sentence and gently reinforce the word order rule  of subject + verb + object to them as they do this. After students have had chance to practice, you can review again using the whiteboard and pointing out the rule to your students. Finally, it's time for the students to produce. Get them to make up some sentences following the word order rule. Feedback to class and perhaps incorporate another game at the end of the session to reinforce the point.

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