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teaching assistant jobs in leicester

Teaching Assistant Jobs Leicester

Find a Teaching Assistant Job in Leicester 📚

Teaching Assistants Leicester

Have you always wanted to work in education but are not sure the responsibility of being the main class teacher is for you?

Consider a career as a teaching assistant with TEFL UK.

We are looking for sociable, compassionate, and confident teaching assistants in Leicester and the local area who are ready to embrace a new adventure in education.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about becoming a teaching assistant.

What is a teaching assistant?

Teaching assistants are a huge advantage in the classroom and, when working in partnership with the main class teacher, can make a massive difference in the involvement and attainment of the children in their care.

Teaching assistants in Leicester will assist the class teacher educationally, by completing teaching activities, assessing, and recording attainment with groups of children, as well as helping children pastorally to develop important life skills, such as resilience, communication, and emotional regulation.

People who consider a career as a teaching assistant are varied and come from all walks of life. They do, however, have a set of key skills and qualities, including:

  • Confidence
  • Empathy, compassion, and patience
  • The ability to use the most common technologies and a willingness to learn how to use new ones
  • Flexibility and a willingness to turn their hand to everything
  • A focus on self-improvement, be it for skills or in learning new material or methods
  • They are excellent communicators that can explain tasks and topics in new and engaging ways

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, you should consider the position of teaching assistant in Leicester.

What do teaching assistants do?

Teaching assistants will work closely with the main class teacher to teach and support their class. They may work with one class, or spread their time between multiple classes, depending on the school they are employed at.

Within this role of teaching assistant, there are two categories: teaching assistant (TA) and higher-level teaching assistant (HLTA).

Standard day-to-day duties of a TA include:

  • Supporting children to access their curriculum, in a way that supports their individual needs.
  • Helping with lesson preparation, including setting up wider working environments and classrooms.
  • Assessing, recording, and reporting on student progress.
  • Working closely or in a 1:1 position with children who have additional or special needs and non-English speakers.

The alternative position of HLTA is considered a step up from TA and therefore has extra responsibilities, as well as those of a TA. These can also include:

  • Covering planned absences by teaching staff and teaching classes using lesson plans set by the main class teacher.
  • Managing TAs and other support staff, such as 1:1s.

Can I work part-time as a teaching assistant in Leicester?

TEFL UK has plenty of opportunities for both full- and part-time positions, meaning that no matter your personal circumstances, there is a position of teaching assistant in Leicester perfect for you.

This job flexibility allows those who may be studying part-time or caring for family members to balance their personal and working life without any extra stress while also providing others with a rewarding, full-time career option.

Benefits of working as a teaching assistant

One of the main benefits teaching assistants find is the sense of community that comes with working in a school. Colleagues become like extended family and the joy and challenge of working with children ensures that no two days are the same.

Alongside this, teaching assistants in Leicester can expect:

  • Ongoing Continuing Professional Development, CPD, that allows you to upgrade your professional skills as an educator
  • Great work/ life balance as most TAs work between 8 am- 3:30 pm
  • Daily pay of up to £90 per day
  • Development opportunities and ongoing career progression
  • A range of employment options for long- and short-term roles as well as the option for part-time and full-time hours
  • Help to develop your CV and start a new career

What qualifications do I need to be a teaching assistant?

Unlike main class teacher positions, teaching assistants in Leicester don’t need any higher-level formal qualifications to start their adventure in education. Degrees or equivalent qualifications are considered advantageous for applying candidates, but not essential, as potential employers look for the skills and strengths of applicants rather than formal qualifications.

If you have the following necessities, a position as a teaching assistant in Leicester could be the ideal new career for you:

  • Prior experience working with children - this can take many forms and include a range of past roles including tutor, nursery nurse, childminder, etc.
  • Excellent reading, writing, and numeracy skills - which can be showcased with GCSEs, CSEs, or O-levels.
  • A clean DBS checks from the Disclosure and Barring Service - demonstrating your lack of a criminal record.

If you don’t hold a degree but want to set yourself apart from other applying candidates, you could consider completing a TEFL course. These courses are designed for teaching staff with EAL learner support in mind, giving you the understanding and skills needed to teach effectively, and can help demonstrate your dedication and passion for the profession.

You can study for these courses in your own time and most people complete them in a few months.

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