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teaching assistant jobs in nottingham

Teaching Assistant Jobs Nottingham

Find a Teaching Assistant Job in Nottingham 📚

Teaching Assistants Nottingham

Becoming a teaching assistant in Nottingham is an excellent way to increase your experience and get started in the world of education!

TEFL UK is offering teaching assistant roles for sociable, proactive, and compassionate individuals based in Nottingham and the surrounding areas.

What is a teaching assistant?

As any teacher will tell you, teaching assistants (TAs) are the biggest asset in any classroom.

Alongside providing practical, emotional, and social support for the children within their care, teaching assistants help children to access the curriculum- enabling them to reach their full potential.

TAs support the class teacher by working with smaller groups or individual children, assessing and recording their understanding before reporting this to the main teaching staff. They then use this information to plan successful and exciting lessons that develop and deepen understanding.

People well suited to the role of teaching assistants in Nottingham are positive, flexible and patient, with the ability to build a rapport with children and adults alike.

They are also:

  • Interested in their self-development as teaching staff
  • Considerate and compassionate
  • Confident with technology and happy to pick things up on the fly
  • Have a passion for learning new topics and teaching methods
  • Highly organised- especially in the face of pressure and multiple deadlines
  • Strong communicators with excellent interpersonal skills

If this sounds like you, consider becoming a teaching assistant in Nottingham.

Duties of a teaching assistant in Nottingham?

Within the role of teaching assistant in Nottingham, there are two separate roles- TA and the higher-level teaching assistant (HLTA).

The TA and HLTA roles both share the responsibilities of the TA, but as the name suggests, the HLTA position comes with greater obligations and is therefore considered a more senior position.

General duties for a TA include:

  • Leading small group or individual teaching- this could be alongside or instead of the main class input
  • Assessing, recording, and reporting on student progress
  • Working with children who have additional or special needs, non-English speakers, or those who need extra support to access the curriculum
  • Assisting with lesson preparation, including setting up the classroom and wider working space, including break-out areas and displays
  • Playground duties (depending on the school you work in)

If you would prefer extra duties and to further develop your skills, you could consider the role of HLTA. Extra responsibilities include:

  • Covering planned absences by teaching classes using lesson plans prepared ahead of time
  • Managing TAs and other support staff, including 1:1 support

Do teaching assistants in Nottingham need to work full-time?

TEFL UK knows that for some considering TA and HLTA positions, working full-time isn’t an option. As such, there is a range of teaching assistant positions in Nottingham, suitable for both part-time - and full-time staff.

So, whether you are free to work full-time or have pre-existing commitments, there is a position for you.

Advantages of working as a teaching assistant in Nottingham

If you have worked with children before, particularly in schools, you will already know how rewarding your days can be.

Schools are essential to the community and quickly become a second family to many members of staff- you can expect to build strong bonds with both colleagues and students while working as a teaching assistant. This, alongside the promise that no day is like another and the children’s endless enthusiasm, will ensure that going to work is engaging and bags of fun.

Additional benefits for Nottingham teaching assistants include:

  • Excellent daily pay of up to £90 per day- with more available in an HLTA role
  • An unrivalled work/ life balance- working hours generally fit between 8:30- 3:30
  • Ongoing career progression
  • Regular CPD courses and ongoing learning to develop your professional skills
  • A range of employment options- part-time or full-time with varying contract lengths
  • The chance to improve or build up your CV

Qualifications needed to be a teaching assistant in Nottingham

You don’t need any kind of formal qualification or degree to become a teaching assistant in Nottingham.

Employers predominantly look for prospective TAs with relevant skills or experience, rather than specific qualifications. These necessities are:

  • Proof of no criminal record, a clean DBS check- as checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service or Disclosure Scotland.
  • Prior experience working with children
  • Excellent reading, writing, and numeracy skills

If you do have a degree, for example, a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in any subject, this is of course advantageous but is not considered essential to access the job role.

If you are interested in becoming a teaching assistant in Nottingham, you could consider completing a TEFL course in your spare time beforehand. This can be beneficial where EAL students are present in the classes you will be working with.

Specifically designed by teaching staff to give you the skills you will soon rely on in the classroom, TEFL courses can boost your confidence and strengthen any TA/ HLTA application with employers.

How to apply for teaching assistants in Nottingham

If you are interested in applying for a TA position, the process couldn’t be simpler.

Fill out our easy application form below and one of our friendly advisors will contact you within 24 hours to take you through your next steps.

Reach out to us today to start your new career as a teaching assistant in Nottingham- and get ready to fall in love with teaching.

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