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Gain practical teaching practice as part of your TEFL course

Combined TEFL Courses with TEFL UK include 20 hours of live teaching practice

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Online teaching practice TEFL courses with B1 and C1 learners.

Study your Teaching Practicum Online 

For those of you who are interested in taking one of our combined TEFL courses, we are delighted to introduce our teaching center partnership with MPTC International in Madagascar.

We are sure this exciting alliance will provide even more great value and support for our students.

As part of the practicum component of your TEFL course, you will have the opportunity to conduct 20 hours of live online lessons with students from Madagascar.

These lessons will be individual lessons with learners between B1 and C1 level, and will give you the chance to practice teaching a variety of lessons (from grammar to writing, and speaking to reading). The lessons will help bring the theory from your course to life; showing you how to exploit coursebooks and keep learning fun for your learners.

For course booking information and to get started, please visit below links:

Support Ukrainian refugees with your Teaching Practicum

TEFL UK also offers optional online teaching practice with Ukrainian refugees who are relocating from Ukraine to the UK.

You can use your 20 hour Teaching Practicum to teach Ukrainian families and individuals who need English for resettlement purposes. 

We will connect you with Ukrainian students who need English for Conversation, English for Work Purposes and English for Academic Purposes. 

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