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70hr Intensive Teaching Business English Course

Learn how to teach Business English.

Broaden your skill set and increase your employability in the lucrative and rapidly expanding Business English training sector.

If you are interested in teaching Business English, this course will enhance your CV and open the door to exciting corporate training opportunities. This course also offers advice on how to set up your own online teaching business.

This course is for teachers looking to broaden their skill set and who are also interested in moving into the rapidly expanding Business English training sector.

Our fully accredited Intensive Teaching Business English course will prepare you for teaching in the lucrative Business English arena. The course is written by highly qualified Business English trainers with years of corporate training experience in Asia and the Middle East.

You will learn all of the critical steps you need to take in order to become a successful Business English teacher. You do not need prior business knowledge to take this course.

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All TEFL UK certificates can be legalized, notarized and / or apostilled for international visa application purposes (including for China).

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Course itinerary

Module 1

The Business English Arena

  • 1 What is Business English?
  • 2 The Business English Learner
  • 3 Business English Teaching Contexts and Opportunities
  • 4 Teaching Business English - Aim and Content
Module 2

Assessing Needs

  • 1 Background
  • 2 Training Needs Analysis: In General
  • 3 The TNA Process in Detail
Module 3

Planning, Designing and Delivering your Business English Course

  • 1 Remember Your Audience - the learners - at all times
  • 2 The 7 Critical Steps
Module 4

Teaching Business English Speaking Skills

  • 1 Critical Reminders
  • 2 Building Rapport and Solid Relationships
  • 3 Small Talk at Work
  • 4 Socialising
  • 5 Offering and Declining Offers of Help, and Making Requests
  • 6 Dealing with Visitors and Introductions
  • 7 Describing Products
  • 8 Speaking on the Telephone
  • 9 Meetings
Module 5

Teaching Business English Writing Skills

  • 1 Writing Skills – Key Considerations
  • 2 Business Letters
  • 3 Emails
  • 4 Testing
  • 5 Reports
Module 6

Teaching Business English Online

  • 1 Teaching Business English online with Skype
  • 2 Setting up Your own Business

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Hours: 70

Modules: 6

Certificate of completion: Easily access and download your TEFL certificate whenever you need to at no extra cost via our dedicated certifications portal

UK TEFL Training Body Certified

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Course fully accredited via international TEFL accreditation body Accreditat.

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