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TEFL teachers like you are needed in Hong Kong!

Teach in Hong Kong through a charitable organization with the aim of making a positive social impact.

Teach in Hong Kong 

Are you an energetic graduate who is self-motivated? Do you consider yourself to be the creative type, interested in international adventure? Then why not join our ESL teaching team in Hong Kong this September! Teach through a well-established International Graduate Program, earn a living as a full-time teacher, make a social impact and fulfil your potential.

You'll earn a monthly salary of HK$ 15,000 - that’s about £1,440. In addition to great pay, you will receive on-going training, assistance in finding your living accommodation and 30 days of vacation time to enjoy with your nine-month placement.

An Amazing Career Opportunity

This autonomous territory, located on China’s southeast coast, has a population of more than 7 million people packed within an area of about 426 square miles. Its Temple Street Night Market is famous for lively shopping, yet this intensity gives way to elegant Cantonese opera or contemplative Buddhist temples. It defies the imagination to try to describe the complexity of Hong Kong.

The government has introduced policies aimed at enhancing the English education experience of Hong Kong’s underprivileged youth. The wider aim is that, through improved education, these young learners will have greater opportunities in later life.

If philanthropy is your heart and soul, you aspire to further your professional ambitions, or are ready to begin a career in education, TESOL and NGO are two programs that can make those dreams a reality. Hong Kong schools need teachers to instruct local students in English as a Second Language, as well as support other teachers and help develop curriculum.


Benefits for teaching in Hong Kong

  • Security

    With a 9 month contract duration period from September until May enjoy employment security.
  • Salary

    Monthly salary of HK$ 15,000 (approx. £1,440) is generous enough for a comfortable quality of life.
  • Skill Development

    Enhance your skills and CV through an exciting international graduate program.
  • Housing

    Assistance is provided to help teachers find accommodation.
  • Holiday

    Throughout the 9 month contract period, enjoy around 4 weeks of holiday time.
  • Bonus

    Teachers have the potential to receive up to HK$ 5,000 as a performance-based gratuity upon contract completion.
Hong Kong street crossing

Changing lives, one by one!

By choosing this program, teachers participate with a non-profit, charitable organization whose goal is to support English Second Language education throughout low income communities of Hong Kong. You can make a huge difference to the future lives of your students by participating.

You will form lifelong friendships both with students and fellow team members!

Why You Should Join The Team

  • Help The Disadvantaged: With a vision of providing a high quality English education opportunity for the under-privileged youth of Hong Kong, teachers are helping students fulfil their potential, maximizing their chance for future success.
  • Transform Society: Opportunities for teachers to contribute expand beyond the classroom. Community outreach programs, such as library storytelling, theatrical clubs, and work with special needs students and young offenders, offer the chance to make a meaningful contribution to grassroots Hong Kong society.
  • Transform Yourself: Teachers enhance your CV, career skills and personal development through a truly international program.

Personal Expenses

  • Airfare: Approximately HK$ 6,000
  • Accommodations: Shared flat expenses are approximately HK$ 4,600 or a studio is approximately HK$ 6,000

Are you ready to teach in Hong Kong?

Find out what teaching in this amazing city is all about!

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