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Teach English in Hungary

Live and teach in the beating heart of Europe ✨

Teach English in Budapest

With a long and fascinating history – Budapest perfectly combines old and new. It’s home to breathtaking architecture, wonderful food, and great nightlife. Hungarian people are friendly and kind too. And YOU can become a teacher in this wonderful city with Impact Teaching.


TEFL Jobs Hungary Benefits

Budapest City

  • Competitive local salary

    Monthly salary of around £1,000 month*
  • Legal work visa

    Work legally and safely in Hungary
  • Network of teachers

    Join our community of teachers in Hungary from across the world
  • Ongoing assistance

    Post-arrival support and guidance
  • Extensive training

    Pre departure and when you arrive
  • Generous paid leave

    Explore and travel in Europe

* Salary is split between £570 payment and vouchers worth over £400 for accommodation and more

teaching jobs hungary duties
TEFL UK is now hiring ESL teachers for Budapest!

English Teaching Jobs Hungary Duties

  • Work at Primary, Middle, and High schools
  • 40 hours a week, split between 24 classes and 16 office hours
  • Teach a variety of motivated and fun students aged between 3 and 18
  • Class sizes of up to 25 students
  • All classes are taught with a Hungarian teaching partner
  • Normal work hours Monday to Friday
  • 3 weeks of training provided before the start of term
teaching jobs hungary
Come and explore beautiful Hungary as an English teacher!

Job Requirements

You need:

  • Fluent English speaker
  • A bachelor’s degree (in any subject)
  • A TEFL certificate (we’ll help you get one at a discounted price if necessary)
  • A clean criminal background check

You don't need:

  • Any teaching experience
  • Any knowledge of the Hungarian language

    Our fee

    Impact Teaching has a one-off fee of £299 which allows them to help you start your Hungarian teaching adventure, from finding you a safe and secure school, assistance with the visa process, ongoing support, and training. Plus – you’ll have earnt the fee back after your first paycheck. A small price for an incredible experience.


    Teaching English in Hungary offers a unique and rewarding experience for aspiring ESL teachers. The country's rich history, vibrant culture, and friendly locals make it an attractive destination. By teaching English abroad, you can immerse yourself in a new culture, expand your horizons, and gain valuable international work experience.

    Obtaining a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification is crucial for those looking to teach English in Hungary or any other country. A TEFL certification enhances your teaching skills, provides practical classroom training, and boosts your employability. With a TEFL certification, you'll be equipped to handle diverse classroom scenarios, making your transition into the Hungarian education system smoother.

    Teaching English in Hungary promises an enriching and fulfilling experience. You'll have the opportunity to work in public or private schools, language institutes, or even offer private tutoring. Hungarian students are generally eager to learn and show great respect for their teachers. The demand for English teachers is high, offering a plethora of job opportunities across the country.

    Teaching in Hungary comes with numerous perks that enrich both your personal and professional life. You'll get to explore breathtaking landscapes, visit historic landmarks like Buda Castle and the Hungarian Parliament Building, and indulge in delicious Hungarian cuisine. Additionally, the relatively low cost of living in Hungary allows you to save money while enjoying a high-quality lifestyle.

    When preparing for your journey, consider packing essential items like professional attire suitable for teaching, comfortable clothing for leisure, adaptors for electronic devices, and any teaching materials you find valuable. Also, bring copies of your TEFL certificate and important documents for visa and work permit applications.

    Want to teach in Hungary?

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