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Take a TEFL course and teach in Costa Rica

Teach English in Costa Rica

Support compassionate education, online and onsite teaching.

Teach in Costa Rica

Teach English in Costa Rica and you'll have the opportunity to travel and see the sights of this amazing nation. You will be able to teach both on-site and virtual classes in this position.

A unique and enriching opportunity

Combine your passion for education and service

International living

Ongoing career training

Mentoring and advice

Curriculum and lesson plans provided

Idioma Cares Membership

International Team


Teaching in Costa Rica package

Teach from the beach, mountain or jungle in Costa Rica!

  • Great local salary

    Competitive hourly teaching wage in colones
  • Explore Costa Rica

    Paid holidays, paid vacation days and a yearly bonus
  • Travel reimbursements

    Covers 100% of teaching transportation cost* when travel to / from clients is required
  • Work legally as an English teacher

    Legal work visa
  • Health insurance

    Enrolment in the C.C.S.S., Costa Rica’s universal health insurance programme
  • Stay connected

    Subsidized cell phone lines with 5G coverage countrywide and a 4Mb backup hotspot
  • Bank account set up

    Assistance setting up a Colones bank account in Costa Rica with an international debit card
  • Housing support

    Assistance with finding housing options
  • Career development

    Growth opportunities: Teachers can opt to work in our Language Evaluation Services Department to complement their teaching schedules. Additional opportunities are available for developing curriculum and working on academic projects
  • Full time, one year contract

    One-year initial contracts for full time work

* Cost of air-ticket to Costa Rica not included

About teaching English in Costa Rica

Where you'll teach:

  • Onsite - Corporate classes and specific scholarship classes are held at the client's premises or in our office classrooms. Classes for Tools for Success and Fundacion Monge are offered only on the technical high school's campus, and are usually held on Saturday mornings and afternoons.

  • Online - Virtual classes can be delivered from the comfort of a teacher's home or from our office.

Take a tefl course and teach in costa rica

Minimum qualification requirements

  • Native English speaker (visa requirement)
  • Bachelor's degree
  • TEFL / TESOL / CELTA certificate. Don't have TEFL? Book your TEFL course for teaching in Costa Rica

Preferred additional qualifications (not mandatory)

  • Teaching experience
  • Business experience
  • Education or Language related degree
  • Overseas experience
  • B1 proficiency in Spanish
TEFL course students teaching in Costa Rica

Idioma Internacional stood out to me, not only because it was a reputable language school, but because they valued their employees as well. There was a healthy balance between teaching at Idioma Internacional and being able to explore Costa Rica. I felt that I was genuinely supported by my colleagues and my supervisors.


Teaching in Costa Rica


Teaching in Costa Rica offers an incredible opportunity to collaborate with Latin American students on a number of projects and social initiatives that Idioma Internacional is coordinating with at both private and public organisations. Idioma Internacional is a language school that focuses on providing high-quality English instruction. With classrooms and an office on the west side of downtown San José, Costa Rica, we provide language examinations in English, French, and Portuguese. You'll work with a diverse and well-trained team made up completely of native English speakers from all over the world!

You will be supporting young professionals in improving their English language abilities as a stepping stone to work and a higher quality of future alternatives. 

The great news is that Costa Rica is very much open for business! We have a month-to-month hiring process and hire teachers all year long.

Every instructor receives assistance in getting a legal work visa to teach English in Costa Rica. Once you've arrived in the county and started working, you'll be awarded a visa. Processing timeframes are subject to change. Documents required to submit for a work visa include birth certificate with apostille from the issuing state / province and a federal background check with apostille.

Each and every teacher gets a personalised and hands-on experience. Over a two-to-three-week period, you'll receive training to prepare students for their first day in the classroom. You are assigned a Mentor in each of your opening classes in order to continue the initial training once you start with active lessons. Teachers who complete the Mentor programme have access to dozens of asynchronous and flexible Professional Development Workshops, allowing you to continue learning and growing professionally during your employment.

Our students are all young adults or adults, ranging in age from 17 to adults. The vast majority of our pupils are between the ages of 20 and 60.

All of our programmes are taught entirely in the target language of English and so there is no need for you to speak Spanish in the classroom. Basic Spanish skills, on the other hand, make life a lot easier when you go to the bank, the grocery store, recharge your phone, buy bus tickets, and so on... You'll be living in a Spanish-speaking country, so if you don't speak the language now, you will soon!

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