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english teaching jobs in japan

Teach English in Japan with Gaba

Gaba is Japan's leading provider of 1-to-1 English Language lessons. Enjoy teaching in Japan on your own terms.

Job overview for Gaba Japan


Teach adults

Flexible schedule


Career opportunities


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Locations for teaching in Japan with Gaba

Our Learning Studios, where we conduct our lessons, are across major cities in Japan including Kanto, Kansai and Chubu, so our locations are easily accessible. Instructors are paid on a belting system, with other incentives available to instructors to take advantage of increased earning potential.


Why teach English in Japan with Gaba?

  • Customized lessons

    1 to 1 teaching role
  • Teach adults

    Primarily adult clients
  • Flexible schedule

    Choose your own monthly schedule
  • Exciting city locations

    36 city locations throughout Japan
  • Lesson plans provided

    Provision of teaching materials and in-house certification
  • Modern working environment

    Comfortable, business-like teaching studios

The Belt System explained

To acknowledge professionalism and excellence, Gaba has eight "Belt" levels. It is a matter of merit, not tenure, to advance beyond the entry level wage. Each level has minimum performance requirements that must be met in order for the teacher to "Belt Up." Client evaluations of lesson quality and voluntary participation in Developmental Workshops are among the criteria. 

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About teaching in Japan with Gaba

Gaba provides one-to-one customized English instruction for many who are working professionals and others such as hobbyists, homemakers, students, travelers and even children. As such we are looking for a diverse background of instructors with various skills to accommodate the wide demand of English lessons. One of the advantages of Gaba is the flexible scheduling system, which allows instructors to design their schedule with other commitments in Japan.

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