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education jobs in saudi arabia

Education Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Face to face tutoring jobs with a high net worth family

Subject Tutor Jobs in Saudi Arabia

An extremely wealthy family in Saudi Arabia is seeking highly qualified Teachers from the USA or UK.

This is a very significant position with a VVIP client! Both male and female candidates are encouraged to apply.

Despite the fact that you will be stationed in Riyadh, depending on the family's travel plans, you could need to make local and even worldwide trips.


Package for Teaching Jobs Saudi Arabia


  • High salary

    Approximate 22,000SAR ($5,800USD) per month
  • Housing

    Fully furnished compound accommodation
  • Transportation

    Transport is offered
  • Air ticket to / from Saudi

    Return flights
  • Insurance

    Medical insurance provided
  • Legal work visa

    Employment visa provided
  • Secure contract

    1 year renewable

Tutor Jobs in Saudi Arabia

We are hiring tutors in the following subjects

Coding Tutor

Maths Tutor

Chemistry Tutor

Science Tutor

English Language and Literature Tutor

Physical Education Tutor

Saudi Arabia Teaching Job

Role at a glance

  • Teach children aged from 4 - 14 years old
  • Forty hours a week (20 contact hours which will include a mix of private tutoring, student observation whilst at school and lesson planning, preparation and assessments)
  • A designated learning space in the family's home will be used for tutoring
  • Start September
teach in saudi


  • Utilize effective teaching and learning techniques to make sure that pupils are making the most development possible
  • Effectively manage student learning through instruction in accordance with the plans of study and rules set out by the international community
  • Use a variety of techniques and strategies to align curriculum goals with the range of student requirements
  • Set and mark homework
  • Utilize constructive behaviour management techniques in a climate of mutual respect to help pupils feel secure and to boost their self-esteem
  • Implement IEPs that guarantee that children receive individualised attention in order to support their learning, progress, and academic success throughout the school year
  • Create and deliver reports to parents that are precise, useful, and instructive
  • Set an example by acting professionally and presenting yourself well
tefl course for saudi teaching jobs


  • Conversant with global standards for reporting and evaluation practises
  • Comprehensive and current knowledge of your tutoring Specialism (eg Coding, Science, Maths etc.) as well as the requirements for examination courses
  • 3 years of experience working as a full-time teacher 
  • Subject related degree and relevant teaching qualification
  • Professional, discreet and takes the initiative
  • Only US or UK passport holders due to client request
  • Valid police clearance

Want to teach in Saudi Arabia?

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