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Teach English in Spain

Early Childhood Educator Work Experience Program - Apply for 2024-2025 💛✨

Teach English to Preschoolers in Spain

Early childhood educators play a pivotal role in understanding the dynamics of second language acquisition in young learners. In today's interconnected world, classrooms are filled with students from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

If you are interested in Early Childhood education and aspire to gain international teaching experience, look no further. Our Early Childhood Educator Work Experience program in Spain offers a unique perspective on education, focusing exclusively on the age group that resonates with you the most: Early Childhood.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Immerse yourself in a different educational system.
  • Learn from experienced Early Childhood Educators.
  • All degrees welcome, with specific opportunities for undergraduates.
  • No teaching experience required.
  • Explore a vibrant Spanish culture.
  • Kickstart or enhance your Spanish language skills.
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Teach Preschoolers in Spain

Our specialized Early Childhood Educator Work Experience program is tailored for recent graduates eager to enrich their careers with practical international insights. Here's what you can expect:

  • Collaborate with seasoned Early Childhood educators in Spain's education system.
  • Focus exclusively on young children aged 0 to 8, gaining insights into preschool teaching and early primary education.
  • Receive continuous guidance from two experienced mentors.
  • Gain firsthand experience in second language acquisition and Early Childhood teaching.
  • Enroll in a blended TEFL course, including Early Childhood modules and workshops, offered by a prestigious Spanish university.
  • Receive a monthly stipend to support your stay in Spain as a young professional.
  • Choose from two accommodation options: host family or independent living.

The University Course: TEFL with an Emphasis on Early Years

The comprehensive TEFL course is designed to equip you with effective teaching practices, covering all educational stages. With a module tailored for early years educators, you'll access stage-specific resources to teach infants effectively.

The course starts with an initial workshop in Barcelona or Madrid. Following this, you'll continue online, supported by forums, tutorials, and a dedicated tutor. Assessment relies on individual module reports.

Classroom Practice: Second Language Acquisition

Put your skills to the test in real-world Spanish classrooms. You'll have the freedom to plan and conduct lessons, focusing on improving English, French, or German speaking skills in preschoolers through engaging games and activities. Expect guidance from tutors and experienced teachers on effective preschool teaching.

You'll benefit from two tutoring systems: a university professor guiding your online course and a hands-on mentorship by an experienced Early Childhood teacher.

Are You Eligible?

To participate, you must:

  • Be a native-level English, French, or German speaker.
  • Hold an Early Childhood-related degree (Bachelor's, Master's, or PhD) obtained within the last 4 years.
  • Have a clean criminal record.
  • Stand out in our competitive selection process.

Spanish language proficiency is not mandatory. 

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Early Childhood Experience in Spain

Bilingual Programs are Thriving.

In recent years, Spanish schools and educators have prioritized second language acquisition during early childhood. They seek to immerse young learners in different cultures from the earliest stages of development.

High-quality environments for children learning English as a second language have led to a surge in opportunities for native-level English speakers with Early Childhood backgrounds in Spain. Approximately 70 out of our 200 partner schools across Spain participate in this program, primarily private or semi-private institutions. Most embrace bilingual education, emphasizing English language instruction in their curricula.


An Early Childhood Educator is a recent graduate eager to gain comprehensive international teaching exposure with children aged 0 to 8. They have the unique chance to become a part of our extensive network of over 300 partner schools in Spain, where they actively contribute to the English, French, or German departments. Their role involves collaborating with these schools through an internship program, where they lead engaging conversational activities for small groups of 8 to 15 students. During this experience, they also receive valuable training from seasoned educators. In return for their dedication, they receive a monthly stipend to cover their living expenses.

It's important to note that this position differs significantly from that of a Teaching Assistant. Early Childhood Educators are expected to demonstrate initiative by preparing and conducting captivating and creative activities, as well as enjoyable games, all while following the guidance provided by the lead teacher. The goal is to inspire and motivate students, enhance their speaking skills, and foster a genuine enthusiasm for the language.

As an Early Childhood Educator, you'll have the invaluable opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of second language acquisition among young learners. You'll work alongside experienced Early Childhood teachers, gaining the practical skills and knowledge needed to thrive in your role as a successful Early Childhood Educator.

Proficiency as a native-level speaker in either English, German, or French is essential. For native German and French speakers, a minimum of a B2 level (CEFR) in English is required, as the university's TEFL-related course is conducted in English.

Eligibility can be established through one of the following criteria:

Possession of an undergraduate degree in a field related to Early Childhood education, such as Education, Elementary Education, or any other discipline associated with Early Education (e.g., Family Studies, Child Development, Child Psychology), earned within the last 4 years.

Recent completion of a postgraduate program in Early Childhood Education within the past 4 years.

Additionally, applicants must have a clean criminal record and hold a valid passport. While a passport is not required at the application stage, it is necessary to initiate the visa application process if applicable.

There are no participation fees. However, upon accepting your placement, we do request a refundable deposit of €850 as a demonstration of your commitment to the program. Rest assured, this deposit will be returned to you upon successful completion of your school placement and university course at the conclusion of the program.

Our program follows a profile-based allocation process. This means that our Human Resources Team will carefully align your qualifications and characteristics with a suitable school placement, each with its unique requirements, to ensure a valuable internship experience. Consequently, we cannot assure you of placement in a particular location.

The program duration spans from September/October/January to May/June. Upon successfully completing the program, you have the option to seek a second-year opportunity as an Early Childhood Educator. You can decide whether to continue at your current school or explore a new placement.

The Early Childhood Educator's timetable will be determined and adjusted by the school to meet its specific requirements. As a result, the placement's details are entirely contingent on the school's discretion, and participants do not have the ability to alter the schedule or conditions.

You will be responsible for conducting approximately 20 to 24 in-class hours per week. Additionally, you may be expected to allocate an extra 2 hours for coordination meetings with fellow teachers and may also have intervals between lessons. These intervals can be effectively utilized for activity preparation and engaging in your online TEFL course.

In cases where you reside with a host family and your placement entails less than 23 in-class hours per week, you will be responsible for instructing them either for 4 days (both mornings and afternoons) or for 5 mornings every week.

Your monthly allowance will fluctuate based on the number of in-class hours per week and your chosen lodging arrangement, as predetermined by the school. 

This monthly allowance is designed to support your life in Spain as a young professional and should suffice to cover your expenses and housing costs (in the case of independent housing). It's worth noting that major cities like Madrid, Barcelona, or Bilbao tend to have higher living expenses compared to medium or smaller cities. We recommend arriving in Spain with some savings to facilitate your initial settling process.

Certainly. If you opt for independent living, we highly recommend seeking a shared apartment located in close proximity to your school. This arrangement will simplify your daily commute, allowing you to walk to school instead of relying on public transportation.

It's important to note that the responsibility of securing accommodation falls on you. The Admissions Team will offer valuable tips and provide links to assist you in your apartment search in Spain. Additionally, you will be invited to join the Facebook group, where you can connect with fellow participants who may also be in search of housing in the same area. However, please be aware that negotiating apartment contracts and handling security deposits will be your own responsibility.

Absolutely. Residing in Spain presents an exceptional opportunity to immerse yourself in the Spanish language, and opting to stay with a Spanish host family offers the most enriching experience. It allows you to fully embrace this unique cultural journey, as the host family will introduce you to various traditional Spanish customs and likely become lifelong friends. In certain school placements, you may have the chance to live with two or three different host families throughout the year.

This extraordinary opportunity will integrate you into an authentic Spanish family, encompassing all aspects of family life: cohabiting, sharing meals, engaging in recreational activities, and even embarking on family outings. It's a dream come true for those seeking to truly live like a Spaniard for a few months.

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