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Teach in Taiwan with HESS 

Founded in 1983, HESS International Educational Group is the largest and most recognized private language school in Taiwan. The school employs over 600 native English-speaking teachers in 250+ HESS schools across Asia, with destinations including Taiwan, China, South Korea and Singapore. You can be assured of a warm welcome from a staff with 35+ years experience in bringing both new and experienced teachers to this beautiful island. 

Join HESS and you'll work with a stable, well-established educational organization with branches all over Taiwan.

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Requirments to teach English in Taiwan

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Why teach English in Taiwan?

There are plenty of jobs for English teachers in Taiwan with great pay and benefits. Taiwan's cost of living is low, the climate is good, and the people are friendly to foreign visitors. Taiwan also has a fantastic cuisine with lots of tofu, rice and dumpling based dishes. You can enjoy eating out at very low cost!

What is teaching in Taiwan like?

Teaching in Taiwan is a culturally enriching and enjoyable experience. In Taiwan, most English Second Language or 'Cram Schools' are private schools with kindergarten in the mornings and high school classes in the afternoons. You'll usually be teaching classes of around 10 - 15 students per class, often with a Taiwanese co-teacher for the younger learners.

Is it worth it to teach English in Taiwan?

It's a fantastic experience to teach English in Taiwan. It's a safe, convenient and comfortable country to get started as an English teacher. You'll be able to save plenty of money each month as living costs are relatively much lower than in most western countries. 

What qualifications do I need to teach in Taiwan?

You will need a bachelor's degree and a clean criminal record in order to teach English in Taiwan. Preference is given to native English speakers, and teaching qualification, such as TEFL certificate, is favoured.

Is it possible to save money teaching English in Taiwan?

In Taiwan, the average monthly salary for teachers ranges from $2,000 to $2,400 USD. Teachers would typically expect to save around $700 to $1,000 per month depending on their spending habits.

Can I teach English in Taiwan without a degree?

A bachelor's degree is usually required for teaching in Taiwan. A TEFL certificate is required for those with a two-year (Associates) degree who want to work as an English language teacher in Taiwan.

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