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tefl course to teach english in ecuador

Teach English in Ecuador

Enjoy prepaid flights to one of the most beautiful countries on earth! Join this Ministry of Education program on a one or two semester contract. 💚

Teach English in Ecuador at a public school

The mission of the project is to improve English education throughout Ecuadorian public schools. You will work with regular Ecuadorian students, many of whom will never have had the chance to learn English with a native speaker.The Ecuadorian government are giving high priority to English language education in order to improve future life chances and prosperity for young Ecuadorians and so this is an extremely worthwhile project to be a part of.

Benefits for teaching in Ecuador

Benefits for 10 month contract

Includes round trip air ticket.

  • Travel Costs

    Prepaid roundtrip air-ticket to Ecuador
  • Monthly Stipend

    US $ 366 p / month stipend (minus 8% tax deduction)
  • All Accommodation

    Homestay accommodation with Ecuadorian host family
  • Meals provided

    2 meals daily provided by host family
  • Training on arrival

    Full training and orientation in Quito
  • Insurance

    Medical insurance
  • Legal work permit

    Visa sponsorship

Benefits for 5 month contract

Initial flight to Ecuador is covered by volunteer.

  • Same benefits as above but one-way air-ticket provided on program completion.

About teaching jobs in Ecuador

  • Teach in Ecuadorian public schools
  • Approx 30 hours per week of face to face teaching time
  • 10 hours per week lesson planning and additional school activities
  • Teach either a morning or afternoon shift
  • Attend training and events related to the program at the request of the Ministry of Education
  • Students are 5 - 18 years old
  • Share your knowledge, work alongside local Ecuadorian teachers and help develop English education in Ecuador


Throughout the beautiful and dramatic coast region. More locations to be added soon.


  • Must be fluent English speaker (C1 level or higher)
  • Bachelor's degree
  • TEFL / TESOL preferred - need a TEFL certificate? Book your course here
  • No criminal record
  • Hold a passport with one year of validity
  • All nationalities welcome


Teaching English in Ecuador is a valuable opportunity to contribute to the improvement of English education in public schools. You'll work with regular Ecuadorian students, many of whom may have never had the chance to learn English from a native speaker. The Ecuadorian government is prioritizing English language education to enhance the future prospects and prosperity of young Ecuadorians, making this a meaningful project to be a part of.

For 10-month contracts, benefits typically include a prepaid roundtrip air ticket to Ecuador, a monthly stipend of US $366 (after a 8% tax deduction), homestay accommodation with an Ecuadorian host family, two daily meals provided by the host family, full training and orientation in Quito, medical insurance, and visa sponsorship.

Yes, even for 5-month contracts, initial flights to Ecuador are often covered by the volunteer. You will receive similar benefits to the 10-month contract, but a one-way air ticket back home is provided upon program completion.

You can expect to teach approximately 30 hours per week of face-to-face teaching time, with an additional 10 hours per week dedicated to lesson planning and other school activities. You may teach either a morning or afternoon shift and attend training and events related to the program as requested by the Ministry of Education. Students you'll be working with are typically aged 5 to 18 years old.

Yes, you will have the opportunity to share your knowledge and collaborate with local Ecuadorian teachers. This collaborative approach helps in the development of English education in Ecuador.

Yes, you will receive full training and orientation in Quito to prepare you for your teaching role and familiarize you with the local educational system.

The program typically includes visa sponsorship and assistance with obtaining a legal work permit, ensuring that you can work in Ecuador legally during your teaching assignment.

Teaching English in Ecuador provides a chance to positively impact the lives of young Ecuadorians by helping them acquire valuable language skills. It contributes to their future opportunities and aligns with the government's efforts to enhance English education, making it a rewarding experience for both teachers and students.

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