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Who we are

We are an independently owned, award winning TEFL provider and we are passionate about our community.

Meet The Founders



Phil is the Admissions Manager at TEFL UK. He has over 20 years of experience in the TEFL industry and has worked as an English language teacher in multiple countries including Korea, Taiwan, China and Thailand. Having now settled back in the UK, Phil's mission is to help others succeed and pursue their dreams of teaching English and exploring the world. 

When not immersed in all things TEFL, Phil enjoys spending time with his two children and taking part in running events around the UK.



Claire knows that successful training helps create successful teaching experiences. This will be Claire's 7th year at TEFL UK and she is determined to make it one of the best yet. Claire has won numerous accolades, including an award for Best Education Links to Mainland China from the UK Department of International Trade. 

She loves working in TEFL and enjoys interacting with students, tutors and schools on a daily basis. Claire has experience in professional development, teacher training and team building. Her favourite TEFL destination is Spain, perhaps not surprisingly for the great food and weather!

What do we love about TEFL?

The story of TEFL is written by you and unique to you.

In our case, TEFL took us from sitting in a rainy office in Manchester to teaching in a rural town in central Thailand - not many careers can do that!

What is TEFL about?

TEFL is about learning, it’s about communication and about challenging yourself.

Our TEFL journey has taken us to some incredible destinations, allowing us to live and work in Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Laos, Colombia, Poland, Japan, Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Republic of Georgia.

The beauty of TEFL is that you meet people from all walks of life and share experiences that are just not possible with other careers.

TEFL offers standout experiences

From teaching monks in Thailand to teaching English to Colombian preschool children, from teaching Japanese business people in futuristic Tokyo to delivering phonics sessions to Chinese kids online from your living room, whatever you end up doing with TEFL, the buzz of supporting others, getting to know different cultures and working everyday with people who are committed to learning your language is something you’ll treasure forever.

We welcome you to our community

Everyday, 1000s of people use TEFL UK for TEFL courses and TEFL job enquiries. We are dedicated to supporting your journey into TEFL.

TEFL is a story that begins with you

TEFL is about changing lives for the better

Ultimately, TEFL is about people and helping them to communicate in English in order to improve their life chances, careers and future aspirations. At TEFL UK, our goal is to facilitate this by connecting international communities through English language teaching and education.

About our courses

We believe in preparing students for success in the classroom. We believe passionately that TEFL is one of the most rewarding careers out there and that it’s an honour to encourage and train our community. As such, you’ll find our TEFL courses are crafted by experienced educators who put you at the heart of the learning process. They are designed from the whiteboard up, ensuring you graduate with a wealth of knowledge, leadership skills and lesson planning ideas to help you thrive in the classroom.

About our team

At TEFL UK, we know the importance of getting to class with the right lesson plan! Our team of tutors, IQAs, writers and keyboard warriors are dotted around the world, making us an international bunch with a local feel. We're connected by our love of teaching, travelling and exploring and we take a pride in doing the best work we can every day to support you - our lovely TEFL community.

About our partners

TEFL UK works with Ministries of Education, governments, non profit organisations, private schools and awarding organisations to support English language education on a worldwide scale. Our partners contribute expertise, resources and reciprocal support, helping build stronger communities and improving lives through English education.

We believe in ending extreme poverty whatever it takes

We donate £2 from each and every course sale to Concern Worldwide, an international humanitarian organization dedicated to transforming the lives of the world’s poorest people.

We are also an award winning organization

We are delighted to have gained official recognition from the UK Department for International Trade and the coveted award of 'Best Education Links to Mainland China' in the China Business Awards.

Claire receiving award

Final thoughts

We love that you are here and thinking about working in TEFL. We’ve loved every minute of our time in this incredible career path and we are sure you will too. We are excited to meet you, learn about your aspirations and promise to do everything in our power to set you up for success!

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