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Why Ecuador is the new TEFL hotspot

Ecuador, TEFL

Ecuador is a varied country with distinct terrains, cultural charm and plenty of natural wonders. From the Amazon to the Galapagos, Ecuador has so much to offer and it is no surprise that it has become a teaching hotspot.

Bordered by two other South American Countries, Peru and Colombia, Ecuador is located on the equator and its various climates are determined by altitude. In the mountains you can expect humid, sub-tropical weather around the rainforest areas and a tropical and rainy climate in the Pacific regions.

The main language spoken in Ecuador is Spanish however as the country has recently introduced the US dollar as its currency, the government is now encouraging the teaching of English within its schools therefore increasing the demand for English speakers.


The country is rapidly expanding and while the suburbs of the big cities are developing, the organic and indigenous culture remains. The Andes and Amazonian traditions prevail while still coexisting with the new aspects of modern day life. The culture in Ecuador is becoming more diverse and unique than ever before and the people are welcoming of teachers and visitors to the regions.

The Regions

Ecuador is divided into three large regions. You can expect to teach among the jungle or educate children surrounded by mountains. This beautiful county offers natural beauty and superb landscapes, not to mention the Galapagos Islands which are home to some of the world’s most incredible animal species.

Work in Quito, Ecuador’s capital. A UNESCO World Heritage site, this is known for being a popular tourist destination. With authentic experiences and 14th century Spanish architecture, you can indulge in the culture and history that this capital has to offer. Jobs can be easily found within the city including those within state and private schools leaving you with plenty of options.

Guayaquil is the focal point for Ecuador’s industry and commercial business. It offers an old town, bustling port, and incredible river side promenade. This is a hotspot for tourists and teachers as the demand in this area is high. Live in Cuenca, a beautiful city located in the Sierra Mountains. It has a high number of visitors and tourists and offers jobs all year round to teachers.

Home Stay

Ecuador offers teachers the chance to stay with local host families and truly experience the Latin America culture. You can learn the local language in a natural environment while getting the chance to indulge in traditional cuisine and live like a local. The home stay aspect of teaching in Ecuador has enabled teachers to learn more about the regions and has allowed them to interact with their students more effectively. Alongside this, it is has encouraged teachers to share their native knowledge and engage and encourage exciting teaching topics in a real life situation.

Cost of living

Teaching in Ecuador can earn you up to $500 per month, but with the cost of living being low it will allow you to live a comfortable life. The outdoor activities and the variety of places to explore will no doubt help you enjoy Ecuador’s low cost lifestyle.

Food and Transportation is known to be inexpensive and each city can be easy to visit by simply jumping on a bus. A biodiverse and forward thinking country, Ecuador’s trade is steadily improving and business is booming. The demand for English teachers in Ecuador is high and easily accessible, and there is a wide range of vacancies across the countries regions in a number of state schools and private institutions.

Plenty to do and see

Teaching English in Ecuador allows you to fully experience the culture first hand among beautiful fauna and wildlife while making the most out of a fantastic and educational opportunity.

There is plenty to do and see outside of your working hours and there are many rewards with the job itself including, making new friends, learning the local languages, experimenting with new foods and activities all while teaching your native tongue.

Alongside this it will give you the satisfaction of making a difference to children and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. Ecuador offers you the opportunity to travel, gain new skins and have invaluable personal and professional development. Teaching in Ecuador is a totally unique adventure and the country certainly has plenty to offer.

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