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TEFL Jobs in Brunei

Make a positive impact and see the world with our exciting TEFL jobs.

Teach English in Brunei and explore a small, peaceful country on Borneo's north coast. Residents of this wealthy country enjoy a standard of living unlike any other: education and healthcare are free, and houses, cars, and even pilgrimages to Mecca are subsidised, because of the country's huge offshore oil and gas deposits. Brunei is a country of luxurious contrasts: the capital, Bandar Seri Begawan (BSB), is a mix of opulent mosques and ancient stilted wooden dwellings. You can spend a weekend living like a king at one of Brunei's luxurious hotels before trekking through pure, virgin rainforest, exploring tropical and biodiverse natural surroundings. Take a look at our exciting teaching jobs in Brunei today.

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