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What is legalisation of a TEFL certificate?

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TEFL certificate notarization and legalisation

You might be reading this page because you are applying for your first teaching job abroad (very exciting!) and are required to legalise your TEFL certificate as part of the visa application process. Firstly, congratulations on completing your TEFL certification! In this article, we are going to discuss how to get your TEFL certificate notarized and legalized - we hope it will be helpful to you!

How to legalise your TEFL certificate

We highly recommend using a recognized agency for legalising your documents. The advantage of this is that you’ll save a lot of time and effort in the process.

Our trusted partner i2 Visa are an agency registered to and recognized by the Chinese Visa Application Service Centre (CVASC). They also provide notary service coverage for other Asian countries and the Middle East.

Follow this information to get your TEFL certificate legalised for teaching English abroad or online jobs. It should be noted though that it's not usually required to get your TEFL certificate legalised for online teaching jobs.

Getting your TEFL UK certificate legalised is easy

Did you know?

  • Documents are typically legalized in the country from which the training organization you studied with is based

  • The easiest way to get your TEFL certificate notarized and legalized if you have studied with TEFL UK is through the UK government

  • Anybody can take a TEFL course with TEFL UK and have our TEFL UK certificate officially legalized for international and online job applications

  • In order to legalize a document, it must first be certified by either a practicing solicitor or public notary

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TEFL certificate notarization

You may be asking yourself, does it matter if I am not from the UK and took a TEFL course with TEFL UK - can I still get my certificate legalised?

The short answer is YES! This can be easily arranged and the legalised document can be sent to you wherever you are in the world. TEFL UK would recommend i2 visa for this service.

TEFL certificate legalisation

You're ready to start the legalisation procedure after your paperwork has been certified.

Now go here to complete the process. The Legalisation Office will do the rest and return your documents to you.

You should receive your TEFL certificate complete with apostille within 2 weeks from the date of submission to the Legalisation Office.

If you are looking for a teaching job, get in touch with the TEFL UK team for international and online jobs. We offer a free job support service and so to find out about the latest TEFL jobs, email us at [email protected]

Getting it done

We recommend i2 visa for TEFL certificate notarization. i2 visa specialize in almost all countries' notarisation and apostilled certificates by the FCDO. They also process Embassy attestation for many ‘TEFL hub’ countries, where demand for English teachers is high.

For further information, please feel free to visit the i2 visa website here.

Written and postal applications for TEFL UK TEFL certificate notarization can be processed at the following address:

i2visa UK Ltd
Forth House
28 Rutland Square
Tel: +44 1314607023
Tel: +44 7546905394

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