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Teach English in Thailand!

Thailand rewrites the rule book in superlatives! From blissed out islands and beaches to the chaotic thrum of Bangkok, from hip, laid back Chiang Mai to the temple studded, historical hubs of Ayutthaya and Lopburi, you can do it all here!

Teaching in Thailand Overview

If you are interested in teaching in Thailand through a social impact program, would like to immerse yourself in a local Thai community and gain TEFL training and teaching experience (all with the support of an expert local team), Go Thailand is the program for you.

Go Thailand works in collaboration with up country Thai schools, helping bring English language education to provincial Thai communities that are often underprivileged and in low income areas.

You would be supporting local students, many of whom have never had the chance to learn English with a fluent speaker.

You will also have a full orientation in Bangkok, curriculum support and access to teaching mentors.


Benefits for teaching in Thailand​

  • Guaranteed teaching job with Go Thailand
  • One semester contract
  • Up to 37,000 Baht p / month salary (depending qualifications / experience)
  • Monthly accommodation allowance
  • 3,000 Baht visa reimbursement on contract completion
  • Orientation Course in Bangkok
  • Visa and work permit assistance
  • Support in finding accommodation
  • Thai consultant support
  • Full curriculum and teaching mentors
  • Certificate on program completion
  • No program fee
Thai tribe
Thailand is a cultural gem

Job description

  • Teach 6 – 18 year olds in provincial Thai schools
  • Work with local Thai teachers to help build upon existing knowledge and teaching resources
  • Help improve the lives of Thai students through English education
  • Lead classroom based English teaching activities
  • Build confidence and work towards a vision for positive change in local students’ education

You will be surrounded by a close-knit and friendly team who meet up regularly for social events.

The morning commute looks different though as you travel to work through lush rice paddies, listen to the sound of monks chanting and swap smiles with local street vendors, touting their exotic wares!

Social Impact

Go Thailand offers a unique opportunity to make a positive social impact in ‘up-country’ Thailand.

Many of the students will not have had any experience of learning English with a fluent speaker. As such, it’s an exciting chance to help develop English language education, exchange ideas with local Thai teachers and give students the confidence they need to succeed in later life.

Class of Thai kids


  • Bachelor's degree
  • Fluent English speaker
  • Genuine passion for supporting English education development in Thailand
  • Culturally adaptable
  • Team player

Program dates

  • May - October
  • November - April
Thai kids in class


Chaiyaphum, Khon kean, Korat, Buriram, Marasarakham, Udon Thani, Ubon Rachathani, Roiet, Sisaket, Sakon Nakhon, Nong khai, Mukdahan. Yashotorn. Kalasin, Amnat chareon, Phayao, Lampang, Phae, Sukothai, Uttraditt, Khampeng phet, Nakon nayok, Chonburi, Chumpon, Lopburi, Nakon prathom, Prachinburi, Samut prakarn.


As a Go Thailand team member, you will receive full support on arrival to Thailand and enjoy working as part of a close-knit, international team.

  • Over 1,000 program participants
  • Serving schools throughout Thailand
  • Prepare to teach your way around the world!

Been there done it!

This is one of those things you always have worries and reservations about at first but if you just take the jump, quickly discover the endlessly great things that happen!

I have always had a passion for travel and new experiences as well as education so coming to Thailand to teach was the perfect opportunity to combine the two. I had been thinking about teaching ever since I left university and I would strongly recommend anyone who has had even a single thought about teaching to try it in Thailand. It really gives you the chance to test and develop the basic skills you need in a relaxed, pressure-free environment, as well as plenty of time to see what I will always believe is a beautiful and truly unique country. The atmosphere in Thailand couldn’t be more different to my home country; stress-free and rush-free. Thai’s really just don’t understand worrying about trivial things, and focus on looking after others and having a good time!

The support team are great, they are always available to help and answer questions about local culture, teaching, and visas which makes many of the problems associated with working in another country (work permits, VISAs etc) hassle-free. Both the Thai and foreign staff at the organization are incredibly friendly and helpful; they really do want you to enjoy your experience of Thailand as much as possible. All I can say is if you keep an open mind; remember you are going to be living in a different culture and things will work differently than in your usual comfort bubble, there will be no end to the invaluable experiences you can have here.

Oh, and get used to being treated like a celebrity, you will be noticed and welcomed wherever you go! It will be a full year for me here in Thailand when I go home, and I’m already tempted to come back!

To anyone thinking about coming to Teach in Thailand I would say: DO IT! You have to keep an open mind and be ready to be a bit outside your comfort zone but it is so worth it.

Before Thailand…

I just graduated from college in May of 2012. I knew I wanted to travel after college but was a poor post grad so I knew the only way it would be possible for me to travel was if I was making money at the same time. When I first came home from school I went back to the same summer job I had been doing every summer during college. I was selling sunglasses. I loved it and it was the perfect summer job but by no means ideal or long term. I was planning on moving to LA when it started to get cold at home but had no job or anything lined up. I was going to be starting from scratch with no certainty at all so I figured a real job in an awesome country (that also doesn’t have coldness) was a win win.

Considering it…

I ran into a friend of mine, who I was best friends with from 1st to 6th grade but fell out of touch with, at a bar just after graduation. We were talking about our post grad plans and neither of us really had any but she had been doing a lot of research on teaching in Thailand. She told me about it, we both applied, got in and the rest is history. The program started at the same time I was planning on heading to LA so it was perfect. I’ve taught abroad before (In Fiji and Kenya) but only for 2-3 weeks at a time and I absolutely loved it both times. People told me to look into teaching jobs at home, specifically for French, but I wasn’t really interested in doing it at home and I’m so glad I decided to teach in Thailand. My only concern was when I found out I would be teaching high school students. In Fiji and Kenya I taught kindergarten and young elementary school kids and you can usually do no wrong by kids. They’ll love you unconditionally just because you’re different and exciting. Turns out my high schoolers aren’t too different. Maybe they don’t love me unconditionally (like after I give them an exam) but they are still much better than I was expecting.

The Right Choice

The first thing that sold me was that my first round of training would be in Phuket. I’m a beach bum and was in heaven in Phuket. I was disappointed to find out that I wouldn’t be living in Phuket the whole time but honestly I’m glad. My training was in Bangkok and I had kind of planned on skipping Bangkok. I am so glad that I had to go there for orientation because I realized I absolutely love Bangkok. It has all the western comforts you could need, but is still very Thai at heart. I’ve traveled a lot and I might even go as far as to say that Bangkok is my favorite city so far. I’m also living in a pretty rural town which I was nervous about at first but have been so pleasantly surprised with. I have been very immersed with Thai culture and am so glad. To anyone thinking about coming to Teach in Thailand I would say: DO IT! You have to keep an open mind and be ready to be a bit outside your comfort zone but it is so worth it. The food is amazing, the people are the nicest I’ve ever met and there is so much beauty and diversity in Thailand that I don’t think it could ever get old. It also never really gets cold which is a huge plus for me. If you want elephant trekking in the jungle or mountains its here, or if you want to lie on a picturesque beach drinking bucket drinks that’s here too. I was planning on going home just after the semester ended but I’m already ready to sing on for another semester because it is so amazing.

I have always had a huge passion for travel, and the dreams of all the endless places I could visit. 2 years ago, I first visited Thailand. 2 years ago, it stole my heart. The beauty of the country, the kindness of the people, the delicious and authentic food and the unique culture captured me in a way I still cannot explain to this day.

I had just finished studying my degree, I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do with my life after university, all I knew I was certain of, was that I wanted to travel long term. I started to look into how to make this possible, and researched a lot, researching this life was my main procrastination during my final months of university. It became my passion to want to know more about teaching abroad and off all the possibilities that could come from it.

I found out about teaching in Thailand about 2 years ago, when I was backpacking around the country. I remember sitting with my friend, waiting for the airport bus to take us for our flight to Sydney, and I said to her I think I would like to come back here to teach English, once I had finished university. Since then, I made it my goal to make this happen, and here I am 2 years later, teaching English.

My main concern about going into this job, was being judged, I had some people at home laugh at me, when I told them what I wanted to do and tell me that it wasn’t a good idea or that I wouldn’t like it or I wouldn’t be a good teacher, and of course naturally these comments played in my head, but I was determined to prove them wrong and I believe I did. The Thai people are so excited and grateful to have you at their school that they appreciate you for whatever you do. It makes you feel so much more relaxed.

What made me just go for it, was how long I had wanted it, I was a bag full of nerves when it came to booking the flight, but the hardest part was booking the flight. Once it's done, there’s no turning back, and leaving when I did, turned out the be the best decision I have ever made in my life.

I would strongly advise anyone to have a look into coming to Thailand, especially if you are fortunate enough to be a native speaker of English. Or if you were like me and you are genuinely worried about what you are going to do with your life, then this is the perfect opportunity for you as there are so many teaching openings and it can lead to even bigger things for you in the future. Doors will open for you but you’ve just got to have the courage to just do it.

The program staff are so kind and friendly, they are always available to help you and answer any questions you may have about teaching, local culture, language, visas, work permits and absolutely any problems you may face within your journey.

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The majority of new teachers in Thailand find jobs that pay about $1,000 per month, which should be more than enough to cover basic living expenses, particularly outside of major cities like Bangkok.

If you're a native English speaker with a university degree and a TEFL certificate you're eligible to teach English in Thailand.

Learning and education are highly valued in traditional Thai culture, as they are in most other Asian countries. As a result, teachers enjoy a high level of respect because they are seen as authoritative and knowledgeable.

Teaching in Thailand allows you to gain international experience in an exciting job where you will work with lots of different people on a daily basis. Teaching students from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives prepares you for future career success!

The school year runs from May to March, with breaks in October and April, as well as a number of local holidays. The majority of hiring occurs in the month leading up to each term, but it occurs all year. If you are interested in teaching in Thailand, get in touch today for more information.

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